OP Stack Fault Proof System On Testnet

An alpha version of the first fault-proof system is live on the Optimistic Goerli testnet.

OP Stack Fault Proof System On Testnet

Quick Take

  • Optimism first fault-proof system on testnet.
  • Yield Protocol winds down operations.
  • Dawn unveils its Ethereum wallet.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

OP Stack Fault Proof System On Testnet
Optimism released the alpha version of the OP Stack's first fault-proof system on the OP Goerli Testnet. The system is composed of three components: the Fault Proof Program (FPP), a Fault Proof Virtual Machine (FPVM), and a dispute game protocol. The OP Stack enables the independent development of the FPP and FPVM. This isolated design paves the way for the creation of multiple proofs, including ZK proofs. In the future, developers will have the ability to build custom fault-proof systems. Dispute Games serve as mechanisms for resolving discrepancies and establishing truth amid conflicting claims. Optimism also included the OP Stack fault-proof alpha release in its Immunefi bug bounty.

Yield Protocol Winds Down

Yield Protocol, which offers fixed-interest yield farming, announced that it is winding down operations. The protocol will maintain support until the conclusion of the current loan series on December 29th, foregoing the launch of the March 2024 fixed rate series. Borrowing and lending will be fully disabled by December 31st. The protocol will then be in withdrawal-only mode for a limited period of time. The shutdown comes in response to an inadequate demand for fixed-rate borrowing, alongside regulatory challenges encountered in the US, Europe, and the UK. Users can stay updated by following @Yield on X.

Dawn AI Ethereum Wallet

Dawn Wallet unveiled Dawn AI, an Ethereum wallet enhanced with an AI-driven assistant. The wallet features a chatbot that can manage transactions, engage with protocols, and access onchain data through user commands and signature approvals. The chatbot also assists users by explaining crypto functionalities and simplifying onchain actions. While the wallet is not yet released, users can join a waitlist ahead of its launch.

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