OP Stack Fault-Proof VM

The FPVM is a component of the OP Stack's fault-proof system focused on the secure execution of instructions.

OP Stack Fault-Proof VM

Quick Take

  • Angle Protocol introduces stEUR.
  • ConsenSys partners with Protocol Labs.
  • OP Labs outlines its Fault-Proof VM design.
  • Arbitrum redesigns its ecosystem portal.

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OP Stack Fault-Proof VM
In a new blog post, OP Labs detailed how the design of the Fault Proof VM in the OP Stack contributes to decentralization. The FPVM is a component of the OP Stack's fault-proof system focused on the secure execution of instructions. Its design embraces the multi-client principle, supporting multiple proof types. The design of the FPVM ensures it remains unaffected by protocol changes on L1, such as the addition of new op-codes. Its primary function is to execute individual instructions, ensuring correct and secure execution. OP Labs is also exploring ZK validity proofs for the OP Stack to enable faster bridging.

Angle Protocol Introduces stEUR

Angle Protocol introduced stEUR, a stablecoin pegged to the Euro that offers a variable 4% APY. The protocol generates yield by holding bC3M, representing an ETF invested in short-term Euro government bonds currently yielding 3.6%. Users can exchange their agEUR stablecoins for stEUR to earn interest. Angle Protocol has committed to distributing 90% of its projected earnings to holders. The APY will be adjusted on a weekly basis, depending on the utilization rate. There are no upfront fees, deposit or withdrawal charges, locks, or minimum deposit requirements for minting stEUR. Angle Protocol has integrated a feature in its dapp to swap into agEUR and stake it for stEUR in a single transaction.

Consensys Scale Startup Program

ConsenSys partnered with Protocol Labs to support builders as part of its ConsenSys Scale startup program. Accepted program participants will have access to Protocol Labs resources, technical support, co-marketing opportunities, workshops, funding, and ConsenSys products like MetaMask, Infura, and Linea. The program aims to support dapps and web3 projects in the Seed to Series A funding stages. Funded projects with an existing team and product-market fit can apply for the ConsenSys Scale program, which spans 24 months. Protocol Labs is an open-source research and development startup incubator.

Arbitrum Portal Redesign

Arbitrum redesigned its Arbitrum Portal, a gateway for browsing over 600 dapps available in the Arbitrum ecosystem. Users can browse dapps by advanced search, category, or chain. The portal also features developer docs, educational resources, job listings, and community talks. Arbitrum Portal also lists a timeline of the upcoming Arbitrum Odyssey campaign.

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