opBNB Goes Live On Mainnet

Users can now add the opBNB mainnet RPC to their wallet using chain id 204.

opBNB Goes Live On Mainnet

Quick Take

  • Developers introduce EIP-7516.
  • Dappradar releases a zkSync ecosystem portal.
  • SEC sues the Stoner Cats NFT project.
  • Lazarus Group exploits $54 million from CoinEx.

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opBNB Goes Live On Mainnet
opBNB, an L2 network built on the OP Stack, is now live on mainnet. A network testnet was first released in June. Over 435,000 unique addresses have since interacted with opBNB on testnet, processing over 35 million transactions. The network features 1-second block times and ultra-low gas fees. Users can now add the opBNB mainnet RPC to their wallet using chain id 204 and bridge to the network using zkBridge.

EIP-7516: Blob Base-Fee Opcode

KZG ceremony coordinator Carl Beek introduced EIP-7516, a proposal for the addition of a new Ethereum opcode called BLOBBASEFEE. The opcode is similar to the existing BASEFEE opcode and can be used to retrieve the blob base-fee value of the current block. The opcode would allow smart contracts to access the blob base-fee, which can be used to calculate blob data usage costs and facilitate the implementation of blob gas futures for smoothing out blob data costs. The proposal is currently open for feedback on the Ethereum Magicians forum.

New zkSync Ecosystem Portal

zkSync released a new ecosystem portal managed by DappRadar. The portal ranks dapps by key metrics, including volume, TVL, and unique active wallets. It also sorts dapps by categories, including DeFi, NFTs, games, bridges, and DAOs. SyncSwap, Mute, and Maverick Protocols are currently the top 3 dapps by TVL. DappRadar is the first external ecosystem portal for zkSync. Developers can now apply to feature their zkSync dapps on DappRadar for increased visibility. zkSync Era is an EVM-compatible ZK-Rollup. The rollup is currently the 3rd largest L2 network with over $400 million in TVL.

SEC Sues Stoner Cats NFT Project

The SEC filed charges against the Stoner Cats NFT project for selling unregistered securities in the form of NFTs. The project had raised $8 million from its 10K NFT mint, which sold out within 35 minutes. The SEC cited the project’s marketing campaign, which included holder benefits and promotion from celebrities like Ashton Kutcher. The Stoner Cats NFT project settled the charges with the SEC by paying a $1 million penalty and agreeing to a cease-and-desist order, which included the burning of all NFTs in its possession. SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce later issued a statement arguing that applying the Howey test to NFTs lacks clear boundaries and could stifle creativity among artists and creators.

$270 Million Stolen By Lazarus Group

According to security researcher Taylor Vano, the North Korean state-sponsored hacking group known as the Lazarus Group has siphoned over $270 million worth of crypto in the last 100 days. Yesterday, the hacking group exploited $54 million from the CoinEx exchange. Earlier this month, the group exploited Stake.com for $41 million. Vano noted that while the stolen funds can be publicly traced to Lazarus Group, only a fraction gets confiscated through the freezing of assets.