OpenSea Supports Optimism NFTs

The integration brings popular NFT collections like MotorHeadz and OptiChads onto the marketplace.

OpenSea Supports Optimism NFTs

Quick Take

  • Robinhood Wallet releases to public beta.
  • Superfluid integrates native bridging via LI.FI.
  • EPNS rebrands to Push Protocol.
  • OpenSea adds support for Optimism.

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OpenSea Supports Optimism NFTs
OpenSea now supports the buying and selling of NFTs on Optimism. The integration brings popular NFT collections like MotorHeadz and OptiChads onto the marketplace. Optimism NFT creators need to manually set their creator royalty fees on the marketplace. Optimism is an Optimistic Rollup-based L2 network. The integration comes one week after OpenSea added support for Arbitrum One.

Robinhood Wallet Beta Release

Robinhood released Robinhood Wallet to public beta, a standalone non-custodial wallet with initial support for Polygon PoS. The wallet provides users access to DeFi including the ability to make swaps, earn rewards, store assets, and connect to third-party dapps. NFTs are not yet supported, but it is planned to be added in a future release. Robinhood says it will eventually add support for multiple blockchains. It selected Polygon PoS as its first chain for its scalability, speed, and low network fees. Robinhood recently rolled out support for deposits and withdrawals on Polygon. The beta release is only available on iOS devices to users who signed up for the waitlist in May.

Superfluid Integrates LI.FI Bridge

Streaming payments protocol Superfluid integrated direct support for Super Token bridging on its dashboard. The integration uses cross-chain DEX aggregator LI.FI to route transfers, allowing users to bridge assets across any chain supported on the protocol. Super Tokens are extensions of ERC-20 tokens that allow for streaming transfers. Previously, users were required to unwrap, swap, and bridge Super Tokens to move assets cross-chain. With native LI.FI support, users can now bridge and swap Super Tokens without having to wrap them. Superfluid supports streaming payments across six EVM chains.

EPNS Rebrands To Push Protocol

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) announced its rebrand to Push Protocol as it expands its scope for multi-chain generalized messaging. The protocol initially allowed Ethereum users and applications to send push notifications to channel subscribers. Push notifications could also be triggered by on-chain and off-chain events. The protocol has processed over 17 million notifications since launching to mainnet in January 2022. Push Protocol plans to support L2s as well as additional communication formats, including instant messaging and video streaming. $PUSH token will remain as the protocol’s native token.

zkSync Releases V2 Block Explorer

zkSync released an upgraded V2 block explorer for tracking transactions on the L2 network. The new explorer features an improved UI, smart contract verification, and a zkEVM debugger that can be used to replay smart contract execution. The explorer also includes improvements for browsing on mobile. zkSync also plans to enable support for smart contract interactions through its ABI interface on the explorer. A future release will also support L1<>L2 messaging and event logs. zkSync 2.0, an iteration of the L2 network with zkEVM compatibility, is set to launch on mainnet on October 28th.