Optimism Announces Canyon Hardfork

An upgrade to The Superchain that introduces support for Shanghai and Capella EIPs.

Optimism Announces Canyon Hardfork

Quick Take

  • Optimism announces the Canyon hardfork.
  • Sound.xyz introduces gas-free uploads.
  • =nil unveiles its zkSharding ZK-Rollup.
  • Aave goes live on Gnosis Chain.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Announces Canyon Hardfork
Optimism announced the Canyon Hardfork, an upgrade to The Superchain that introduces support for Shanghai and Capella EIPs, bug fixes, and OP-Stack-specific changes. The deployment is scheduled for the OP Sepolia, OP Goerli, Base Sepolia, Base Goerli, PGN Sepolia, and Zora Sepolia testnets on November 14th at 17:00 UTC. Canyon also adjusts the EIP-1559 basefee change rate and protocol handling for unclosed channels, enhancing network efficiency. Testnet node operators are required to update their clients to be compatible with the Canyon Hardfork. The upgrade will need to undergo Optimism governance approval before it can be deployed on mainnet.

Sound.xyz Introduces Gas-Free Uploads

Sound.xyz introduced gas-free music uploads on OP Mainnet. Coined as Magic Uploads, artists can now upload their music without needing a wallet or ether for gas fees. Users can create an account with just an email and have a wallet created for them. The initial upload gas fees are likely subsidized by the protocol. Editing and balance withdrawals still incur gas fees.

=nil Introduces zkSharding Rollup

=nil unveiled zkSharding, a new ZK-Rollup for Ethereum, promising to enhance the network's scalability to over 60,000 TPS. =nil facilitates dynamic scaling with parallel transaction execution across shards, while maintaining unified liquidity and economic security. =nil; also introduces a Type-1 zkEVM, which is compiled using zkLLVM. Type-1 zkEVMs enable EVM bytecode-level compatibility, allowing developers to seamlessly port their applications to the rollup.

Aave Is Now Live On Gnosis Chain

Aave V3 is now live on Gnosis Chain with initial support for collateral deposits of wstETH, WETH, GNO, sDAI, xDAI, USDC, and EURe. Users can borrow wstETH, WETH, GNO, xDAI, and USDC against their collateral. Gnosis Chain, previously known as xDAI, is an EVM-compatible sidechain that uses DAI as its native gas token. xDAI was acquired by the Gnosis ecosystem in 2021.

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