Optimism Announces RetroPGF 2 Recipients

Optimism distributed 10 million OP tokens to 195 projects as part of its second RetroPGF round.

Optimism Announces RetroPGF 2 Recipients

Quick Take

  • Optimism announces RetroPGF 2 recipients.
  • Flashbots urges proposers to update to mev-boost v1.5.0.
  • Ethereum teams consider delaying EOF.
  • POAP founder loses $3.8 million in a phishing attack.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Sends 10 Million OP To RetroPGF Projects
Optimism distributed 10 million OP tokens to 195 projects as part of its second RetroPGF round. The tokens were allocated to projects across three categories, including education, tooling, and infrastructure. All 195 projects that were nominated received a retroactive grant, with the median funding amount being around 23k OP tokens. The allocations were determined by 69 badgeholders, which are community members selected by Optimism to receive a voting badge. Badgeholders are members of the Citizens’ House, an arm of the Optimism Collective that is responsible for allocating public goods funding. Grant recipients include projects that are core to Ethereum and Optimism, including client and language teams.

MEV-Boost Shapella Readiness

Flashbots released documentation outlining changes required for block proposers, relays, and builders to prepare for the Shapella upgrade. Block proposers connected to Flashbots are required to update to mev-boost v1.5.0 or later. Additional changes are required for relays and block builders. According to Flashbots engineer Chris Hager, only 25% of block proposers connected to the Flashbots relay are running mev-boost v1.5.0. MEV-Boost is open-source software that allows validators to select the most profitable blocks proposed by relayers. The Shapella upgrade will go live on Wednesday, April 12th at 10:27 PM UTC.

Ethereum Teams Consider Delaying EOF

Ethereum teams are considering delaying the implementation of EVM Object Format (EOF) until the Prague upgrade. EOF is a series of EIPs that serve to upgrade the EVM. EOF was initially pushed out of the Shanghai upgrade and will likely be delayed until the Prague fork as developers focus on EIP-4844 for Cancun. The sentiment came after EF Research Team Lead Alex Beregszaszi shared a series of significant changes to code/gas introspection, contract creation, and opcode modifications that are required for EOF. Ethereum teams were also in favor of including EIP-6780 in Cancun. The EIP is an edge-case update to the self-destruct opcode.

POAP Founder Phished Out Of ~$3.8 Million

POAP founder Patricio Worthalter was phished out of $3.8 million worth of RPL tokens in what appears to be an ERC-20 Permit phishing attack. On-chain data shows two transfers from poap.eth to addresses tagged as Fake Phishing. 64,423 RPL were drained in the first transfer and 21,474 RPL were drained in the second transfer. The attacker later sold the stolen RPL for ether and various stablecoins, causing the price of RPL to drop briefly from $44 to $40. Permit phishing attacks only require a single gasless signature to be approved by a victim. Once a victim signs a malicious ERC-20 token approval, the attacker can call, execute, and pay gas on a transaction that drains the victim’s approved tokens.

Sentiment Deploys Makima V2 Upgrade

Sentiment, a credit protocol that offers under-collateralized loans, deployed its V2 upgrade on Arbitrum. Coined as Makima, the new release features mobile support, an upgraded dashboard, and advanced lending options. More than 28k margin accounts have been created on the protocol since its launch in October 2022. Sentiment currently holds nearly $10 million in TVL.