Optimism Announces RetroPGF3 Results

501 projects received a portion of 30 million OP tokens, currently valued at over $100 million.

Optimism Announces RetroPGF3 Results

Quick Take

  • Optimism RetroPGF 3 results.
  • Dencun on Goerli next week.
  • Ajna Finance goes live on mainnet.
  • Circle executes USDC v2.2 upgrade.

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Optimism Announces RetroPGF3 Results

Optimism revealed the outcome of its third RetroPGF round, where 501 projects received a portion of 30 million OP tokens, currently valued at over $100 million. The round included four categories, including developer ecosystem, OP Stack, end-user experience, and collective governance. On average, each project received about 65,000 OP tokens. 132 out of 146 badgeholders from the Citizens' House, a branch of the Optimism Collective tasked with allocating funds for public goods, voted on a pool of 643 applicants. The top recipients of the round included Ethereum client, language, and infrastructure projects. A fourth round will go live later this year.

Dencun On Goerli Set For January 17th

The Ethereum Foundation formally announced that the Dencun upgrade will be activated on the Goerli testnet at 6:32 UTC, on January 17, 2024. The upgrade features nine EIPs, including blob transactions, transient storage, beacon block root in the EVM, SELFDESTRUCT only in the same transaction, and a new BLOBBASEFEE opcode. The Goerli testnet is set to be deprecated following the activation of Dencun on Ethereum mainnet. The consensus among client teams is to cease support for Goerli infrastructure either three months past the Dencun activation on Goerli, or one month after the mainnet launch, whichever occurs later. Goerli node operators are advised to upgrade their clients to the latest version.

Ajna Goes Live On Mainnet

Ajna Finance, a new lending protocol that supports both NFTs and ERC-20 tokens as collateral for loans, is now live on mainnet. Ajna is an an oracle-free protocol that allows lenders to determine worst-case price levels for collateral, effectively setting their own LTV ratio. Ajna Labs is also winding down, leaving protocol development in the hands of grant-funded user contributions. Ajna’s native AJNA token is the internal currency of the protocol that is used in reserve auctions for liquidating under-collateralized loans. Ajna is live on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon PoS, Base, and Optimism. It can be also accessed through defi front ends like summer.fi.

Circle Executes USDC v2.2 Upgrade

Circle executed the USDC v2.2 upgrade on Ethereum Mainnet. The upgrade reduces gas costs for USDC transactions and enhances account abstraction capabilities. It introduces support for EIP-1271, a standard that allows smart contracts to verify signatures. The implementation allows USDC and EURC to be used for gas fee payments in protocols that leverage account abstraction.

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