Optimism Bridge Supports Arbitrary Tokens

Users can currently mint rsETH on the Goerli testnet using any LST supported by EigenLayer as collateral.

Optimism Bridge Supports Arbitrary Tokens

Quick Take

  • Stader Labs launches rsETH on testnet.
  • OP Mainnet bridge supports any arbitrary token.
  • USDC expands to six new blockchains.
  • Starknet V0.12.1 goes live on mainnet.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Bridge Supports Arbitrary Tokens
The Optimism native bridge interface now supports bridging for any arbitrary standard ERC-20 token. Users can simply select a custom token and enter the token’s L2 contract address. The OP Mainnet bridge portal uses the Superchain token list, a unified list of tokens in the Optimism ecosystem, as the source of truth. The Superchain token list contains a one-to-one mapping between L1 and L2 tokens. Anyone can add their token to the Superchain list by making a pull request on GitHub. The new feature allows users to bridge arbitrary standard ERC-20 tokens that are not supported on the native bridge or existing third-party bridges.

Stader Labs Launches rsETH On Testnet

Stader Labs launched its liquid restaking token on testnet. Coined as rsETH, the token serves as a synthetic receipt token that represents ownership in underlying assets staked with Stader’s LRT contracts. Similar to Rocket Pool’s rETH, rsETH accrues value over time. Users can deposit any LST supported on Eigenlayer into Stader. Stader deploys deposits into EigenLayer and provides users with rsETH. Users can then use rsETH in DeFi while continuing to earn staking rewards in addition to EigenLayer restaked points. The implementation is currently undergoing audits. Users can currently try out Stader’s liquid restaking solution on the Goerli testnet.

CoW Swap Is Superior To UniswapX

Gnosis Co-founder Martin Köppelmann says CoW Swap is still superior to UniswapX, which is Uniswap’s latest trading protocol that employs a Dutch auction-based mechanism to execute swaps. CoW Swap employs a similar mechanism through the use of intents and third-party solvers who execute orders signed by users. CoW Swap has been live since 2021, while Uniswap X was introduced in July 2023. Köppelmann notes that UniswapX executes orders at the limit price of the block rather than the fair market price. While users approve a limit price, CoW Swap provides users with any surplus generated from market prices changing in their favor.

USDC Expanding To 6 New Blockchains

Coinbase announced plans to expand the reach of its USDC stablecoin to six additional blockchains, effectively increasing its supported chains to a total of 15. The deployment onto the new chains is scheduled between September and October. The Centre Consortium, which oversees USDC governance, will also wind down. Circle, the entity responsible for issuing USDC, will now assume the governance role. Coinbase also disclosed an equity stake in Circle. Both Coinbase and Circle will now equally share interest income generated from USDC usage. The company generated just over $150 million in interest income during Q2 2023.

Starknet V0.12.1 Goes Live On Mainnet

Starknet V0.12.1, an upgrade that includes failed transactions in blocks, is now live on mainnet. The new release also charges for unsuccessful or reverted transactions, helping protect the network from denial of service attacks with spam transactions. The version also features mempool validation and builtin keccak functions. The upgrade improves TPS throughput for the network and simplifies transaction management for developers.