Optimism Deprecates Kovan Testnet

Projects that are not already on Goerli are required to migrate as soon as possible.

Optimism Deprecates Kovan Testnet

Quick Take

  • deBridge announces the deSwap Liquidity Network.
  • Etherscan releases updates for Blockscan Chat.
  • Liquity releases Chicken Bonds.
  • Argent releases dappland.com.

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Optimism Deprecates Kovan Testnet
Optimism has fully shut down the Optimism Kovan testnet, leaving Optimism Goerli as the only available testnet on the network. Projects that are not already on Goerli are required to migrate as soon as possible. Optimism Goerli is being used to test Bedrock, a new iteration of the rollup that will remove dependency on upgrade keys. Goerli and Sepolia are the only testnets that will be maintained by the Ethereum Foundation in the future. Ropsten is set to be shut down by the foundation in Q4 2022. Infrastructure providers, however, have already stopped support for deprecated testnets ahead of the foundation.

deBridge Announces deSwap Liquidity Network

Cross-chain interoperability protocol deBridge revealed the deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN), a new iteration of the protocol that allows cross-chain transfers without locked liquidity. deBridge claims that the new release will enable liquidity transfers with zero slippage, unlimited market depth, guaranteed rates, and low fees. More than $2 billion worth of assets have been stolen from cross-chain bridges that use locked liquidity and wrapped asset models. The deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN) avoids the risk of this type of attack by having zero locked liquidity and performing near-instant transfers. deBridge plans to launch its new network by November.

Blockscan Chat Releases Updates

Etherescan released updates for Blockscan Chat, a messaging platform for wallet-to-wallet communication. The new updates include end-to-end encryption, contract address sign-in, and browser notifications. Messages between signed-in addresses now have end-to-end encryption by default. The platform now supports messages for contract-based accounts such as wallets by Argent and Safe. Encryption is not yet supported on Safe addresses. Blockscan Chat is currently in beta and uses an off-chain solution to send messages. Etherscan also offers a permissionless chat system called Input Data Messages (IDM).

Liquity Releases Chicken Bonds

Decentralized borrowing protocol Liquity released Chicken Bonds, a new bonding protocol that offers amplified yield for LUSD holders. The Chicken Bond offers a higher yield than the Liquity Stability Pool. Users can bond a minimum of 100 LUSD in exchange for an NFT that accrues a boosted derivative token called $bLUSD. According to Liquity, users can “chicken out” at any time while bonding to recoup their full principal. Users can also “chicken in” to claim their bond by exchanging their underlying $LUSD for the accrued $bLUSD balance. $bLUSD is an ERC-20 token that can be traded or redeemed pro rata for LUSD in the reserve.

Argent Releases StarkNet App Directory

Wallet provider Argent released dappland.com, a dashboard for exploring leading dapps across the StarkNet ecosystem. The website features a directory of applications, including on-ramps, bridges, DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. The dashboard also features applications by doxed teams and audits. Argent is currently working on a V2 release with potential support for its mobile app.