Optimism Distributes 48 Million Unclaimed OP

Development teams agreed to schedule a relaunch for the testnet next week.

Optimism Distributes 48 Million Unclaimed OP

Quick Take

  • Holesky testnet launch fails.
  • 472 Nouns opt-in to Nouns Fork.
  • Optimism airdrops unclaimed OP tokens.
  • DevConnect announces Censorship.wtf.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism To Distribute 48 Unclaimed Million OP
Optimism announced that it will distribute all unclaimed OP tokens from Airdrop #1 to eligible addresses. 48 million OP tokens will be airdropped directly to 88,000 unique addresses that have not yet claimed the airdrop, which first went live in June 2022. Usually, projects send back unclaimed tokens to their DAO treasury. Roughly 590 million OP tokens remain allocated for future Optimism airdrops.

Holesky Testnet Launch Fails

Ethereum’s Holesky testnet encountered a launch failure today stemming from misconfiguration issues. Although the network's genesis epoch commenced at 2 PM UTC, it failed to attain slot proposals. 31 out of 32 slots in the genesis epoch had missed proposals. Since no blocks were created, nodes remained in a syncing state. Holesky aimed for a genesis validator set of ~1.5 million validators, approximately three times the number of validators on mainnet. The network was planned to have 1.6 billion Holesky ETH available at genesis. Ethereum Researcher Proto.eth clarified that the launch failure was not a consequence of the network's large size.

Development teams agreed to schedule a relaunch for the testnet. Holesky is designed to replace Goerli as a testnet for staking, infrastructure, and protocol development. Goerli is set to be deprecated this coming December. Holesky also allows public validators, including DVT projects, to participate in the network. Ethereum testnets have a lifespan of 5 years.

472 Nouns Leave NounsDAO For Nouns Fork

Out of 847 Nouns, 472 Nouns (55%) have chosen to exit NounsDAO via Nouns Fork V0. Those who joined the fork can claim ~35.5 ETH from the Nouns Treasury in exchange for their Noun. The remaining 377 Nouns will still be able to participate in Nouns DAO proposals, with the project's remaining treasury of 13,310 ETH. The Nouns Fork is a mechanism that allows Nouns NFT holders to exit the current iteration of the Nouns DAO. This design was introduced as part of the project's V3 upgrade in July. Nouns is a generative NFT project that auctions an NFT daily, with the proceeds being directed into its DAO treasury. Each Nouns NFT holder is able to vote on proposals.

DevConnect Censorship.wtf Event

DevConnect, an Ethereum-centered conference scheduled for November 13-19, will now feature a full-day event dedicated to censorship resistance. The event, coined as Censorship.wtf, will delve into research and crypto-economics related to censorship resistance on Ethereum, spanning from the protocol to the application level. Currently, speakers can apply to present at the event.