Optimism Goerli Hard Fork

Node operators on Optimism Goerli need to upgrade their nodes ahead of the fork.

Optimism Goerli Hard Fork

Quick Take

  • NodeSet introduces a scaling layer for Rocket Pool.
  • MetaMask releases an SDK on the Unity Asset Store.
  • Optimism plans its Optimism Goer hard fork.
  • Ethereum Attestation Service deploys on Arbitrum.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Goerli Hard Fork
Optimism is executing a hard fork of the Optimism Goerli testnet in mid-March. The fork aims to resolve a bug related to its API for receipts. An updated version of op-geth and op-node will be released in the coming weeks. Node operators on Optimism Goerli need to upgrade their nodes ahead of the fork in order to continue syncing on the testnet. Optimism says it does not expect any downtime during the upgrade.

Hyperdrive Scaling For Rocket Pool

NodeSet introduced Hyperdrive, a solution for improving scalability and capital efficiency on Rocket Pool. Users will be able to deposit ETH and RPL tokens to receive xrETH and xRPL interest-bearing tokens. Rocket Pool node operators can access liquidity from Hyperdrie to spin up new minipools. Unlike rETH, xrETH offers 0% commission. Rocket Pool requires node operators to post a bond in RPL for each new minipool. Instead of acquiring additional capital, Hyperdrive will allow node operators to use RPL from the deposit pool. An administrator will manage commission rates, deposit pool limits, and can kick inactive or slashed nodes from the system. NodeSet hopes to launch Hyperdrive later this year.

MetaMask Adds SDK To Unity Asset Store

The MetaMask SDK is now available in the Unity Asset Store. Unity is a real-time 3D development platform for game developers. The SDK allows game developers to integrate wallet connection and web3-enabled features such as wallet sign-in and in-game tokens. The SDK also features mobile deep links and QR code automation. The initial release supports Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche. MetaMask also launched an early adopter program with $100,000 in grants for game developers looking to integrate web3 functionality. The program also includes a workshop series. Developers can apply for the program between now and April 28th.

Ethereum Attestation Service Deploys On Arbitrum

Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) is now live on Arbitrum One. EAS is an open-source tool for creating on-chain and off-chain attestations. The protocol consists of a schema contract and an attestation contract. Anyone can create a custom schema and attest to it. Attestations are verifiable statements about something or someone. EAS aims to be a general-purpose attestation layer for Ethereum by creating a free-to-use interoperable and composable tool for making attestations. EAS provides no-code builders for creating schemas and attestations, an attestation explorer, and a developer SDK. EAS also plans to deploy on other EVM chains in the coming months.

Slingshot Releases Mobile Wallet

Slingshot, a multi-chain DEX, officially released its mobile wallet for all users on iOS and Android. The wallet currently features 0% swap fees and returns positive slippage back to traders. The wallet also features bridging across six supported chains via Socket Plugin. Slingshot is offering wallet skins for users who successfully complete in-app quests before March 17th.