Optimism Goerli Upgrade To Bedrock

Optimism will upgrade its Optimism Goerli testnet to Bedrock on Thursday, January 12th.

Optimism Goerli Upgrade To Bedrock

Quick Take

  • Optimism Goerli testnet is set to upgrade to Bedrock.
  • Gated publications are now live on Lens.
  • ConsenSys launches its zkEVM to private beta.
  • Yearn launches permissionless Vault Factories.

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Optimism Goerli Upgrade To Bedrock
Optimism is set to upgrade its Optimism Goerli testnet to Bedrock on Thursday, January 12th at 6 PM UTC. The legacy Optimism Goerli sequencer will stop processing transactions during the upgrade, which will take about two hours to complete. Bedrock introduces gas optimizations, reduced deposit times, and simpler node infrastructure. Unlike a regenesis, where historical transaction data is lost, the Bedrock upgrade will resemble a hard fork with the new chain being a continuation of the existing one. Projects with applications deployed on Optimism Mainnet are encouraged to test out the upgraded testnet to ensure compatibility with Bedrock ahead of a mainnet release.

Lens Gated Publications Are Now Live

Gated publications are now live on the Lens API, allowing creators to offer exclusive content to their followers. Gated publications are powered by LIT Protocol, a network that facilitates encryption and access control via signatures. Gated publications combine a public encryption key with a second criteria-specific key obtained by LIT Protocol. Posts within a gated publication contain encrypted metadata, which can only be decrypted by users who fulfill the access conditions. Both NFTs and ERC-20 tokens can serve as access criteria for gated content. The posting process remains the same for publications, except gated content is generated by the LensSDKGated package.

ConsenSys zkEVM Private Beta

ConsenSys released its zkEVM testnet to private beta for select users who joined the waitlist. Eligible users should have received an email from hello@infura.io with details on how to interact with and how to bridge Goerli ETH to the zkEVM testnet. ConsenSys plans to send out additional invites in the coming weeks. ConsenSys formally unveiled its EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup back in November. ConsenSys zkEVM is capable of handling native EVM bytecode for proving and verification, enabling the execution of Solidity smart contracts. Developers can use the zkEVM testnet to deploy smart contracts and migrate dapps.

Yearn Finance Permissionless Vault Factories

Yearn Finance launched permissionless vault factories, allowing anyone to deploy an auto-compounding yVault for any Curve pool with an active liquidity gauge. Vaults deployed using the Factory are subject to a flat 10% performance fee, which goes straight to the Yearn treasury and is calculated only on top of harvest profits. There is also no management fee for vaults deployed using the factory. The current Vault Factory only works with Curve LP Tokens and features three ready-made yield strategies, including a CurveBoostedFactory, a ConvexFactory, and a ConvexFraxFactory. Support for Balancer LP Tokens will be added in a future release.

Phi Connect Now Live On Mainnet

Social gaming platform Phi launched its worldview map connector called Phi Connect. The connector allows users to link up to 64 lands into a single worldview map. Phi Connect uses a URL scheme to programmatically connect multiple lands into a single view. Built on ENS, Phi allows users to complete quests and build a personalized land per ENS domain.