Optimism Introduces OP Stack Mods

Ethereum News Briefing | June 1, 2023

Optimism Introduces OP Stack Mods

Quick Take

  • Optimism introduces OP Stack Mods.
  • Circle to launch native USDC on Arbitrum.
  • Rocket Pool deploys rETH on zkSync Era.
  • EF launches its fourth fellowship cohort.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Introduces OP Stack Mods
Optimism introduced OP Stack Mods, which are OP Stack modifications created by community members. Since the OP Stack is permissionless, anyone can create modifications. Implementing modifications into production requires a community review. Not all OP Stack Mods are guaranteed to become part of the OP Stack. Optimism highlighted an OP Stack Mod created by Celestia that aims to provide a modular data availability interface. The mod will allow new OP chains to host chain data on any platform of their choice. Optimism says Celestia’s mod must support several DA providers before it is considered for inclusion in the OP Stack.

Circle To Launch Native USDC On Arbitrum

Circle announced plans to launch its USDC stablecoin natively on Arbitrum. The launch will go live next week on June 8th. Once live, bridged versions of USDC will be re-labeled to “USDC.e.” Native USDC is considered the “official” version of the stablecoin, while bridged USDC refers to USDC that is locked on Ethereum and minted on other chains. Circle expects existing bridged USDC liquidity to be eventually replaced by native USDC. Native USDC will be compatible with Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, which allows USDC to be natively burned on a source chain and natively minted on a destination chain. The integration will enable users to bridge native USDC to and from supported chains within minutes.

Rated Network Launches Self-Report API

Validator rating platform Rated Network launched a Self Report API that allows node operators to import their validator sets on the Rated Explorer. Node operators who expose their validator public keys on the Rated Explorer can access performance benchmarks and rewards accounting for their validator sets. Node infrastructure providers P2P, Twinstake, Chorus One, and Gateway.fm have joined as initial users of the Self Report API. Rated also displays a unique badge next to accounts of node operators who report their validators to the explorer. To prevent spamming, node operators must be approved by Rated to access the API endpoint.

Rocket Pool Deploys rETH On zkSync Era

Rocket Pool deployed its rETH liquid staking token on zkSync Era mainnet. Liquid stakers can now use zkSync’s native bridge to send rETH and RPL tokens into the L2 network. The deployment on zkSync provides users with access to faster and lower-cost transactions. zkSync joins Optimism and Arbitrum as the third L2 network to support rETH. zkSync Era is an EVM-compatible ZK Rollup.

EF Opens Fourth Fellowship Cohort

The Ethereum Foundation is now accepting applications for the fourth cohort of the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship, an apprenticeship program that helps developers find their role in core protocol development. The program will run from July through November, ending with Devconnect in Istanbul. Members will have access to mentors from the core development community and may be provided with a monthly stipend. Applications close on June 16th.

Push Protocol Plans For V2 Upgrade

Push Protocol plans to launch the second iteration of its protocol in late June. Push V2 will introduce support for PUSH staking and incentivized chat requests, allowing users to set a one-time fee for receiving chat requests. Contracts for the V2 upgrade were recently audited by Chainsafe. Push Protocol is a wallet-to-wallet messaging protocol available on Ethereum and Polygon.