Optimism Introduces The OP Stack

A set of modular components that can be assembled to build custom L2 blockchains.

Optimism Introduces The OP Stack

Quick Take

  • Optimism introduces the OP Stack.
  • zkSync integrates its end-to-end ZK Prover.
  • SpruceID introduces EIP-5573.
  • Forta partners with Alchemy to provide tooling.

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Superchain Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Introduces The OP Stack
Optimism introduced the OP Stack, a set of modular components that can be assembled to build customized blockchains. Each component implements a specific layer of the stack. Developers can modify existing modules or create entirely new modules to fit any use case. Custom chains built using the stack are referred to as op-chains. The release marks Optimism’s first step into L3s. Chains that share a sequencer can unlock cross-chain composability allowing for atomic interactions. Optimism refers to integrated op-chains with shared sequencing and messaging layers as the Superchain. Optimism also aims to release its Bedrock upgrade in the next few months.

zkSync Integrates ZK-EVM Prover

zkSync successfully completed the integration of Proof Merging, an end-to-end ZK Prover that includes proof generation, aggregation, and verification on-chain. Developers can now experience validity proofs on the ZK-EVM public testnet. Proof Merging offers public verification of the validity proofs generated by the rollup. Fully functional circuits were used in the zkSync dev environment prior to the release. The validity proofs mark the last critical element for the Alpha version of the ZK-EVM, which will launch to mainnet in 11 days. The launch will initially be released without any external projects - followed by a fair launch onboarding process.

SpruceID Introduces EIP-5573

Web3 identity project SpruceID introduced EIP-5573, an extension specification for Sign In With Ethereum (SIWE) called ReCap. EIP-5573 allows off-chain applications to combine authentication using SIWE (EIP-4361) and authorization to third-party data. The approvals can be made with a single wallet interaction. SpruceID defines a ReCap as a valid SIWE (EIP-4361) message that follows the additional structure defined in EIP-5573. ReCap enforces informed consent, which shows users the exact permissions that will be granted. The EIP also allows Ethereum wallets to delegate ReCaps to a delegate through informed user consent.

Forta Now Provides Alchemy Tooling

Blockchain monitoring platform Forta partnered with Alchemy to provide infrastructure tooling to Forta scan node operators. Alchemy offers Forta scan node operators 10% off the Alchemy Growth tier, which includes access to Supernode, a proprietary blockchain engine used by OpenSea, Royal, Meta, and Adobe. Alchemy’s Supernode API ensures data correctness and seamless scaling for dapps. Supernode also includes enhanced API methods and upgraded WebSockets. Forta allows users to create customized detection bots for on-chain activity. Forta users can sign up to receive real-time alerts based on smart contract events and conditions.

First SafeDAO Ecosystem Proposal

The voting phase for the first SafeDAO Ecosystem Proposal has started. The proposal aims to implement a participation agreement among SafeDAO Participants to provide an operating framework for the DAO. The proposal is now available for review on Snapshot until October 18th, after which voting will go live for seven days. SafeDAO’s native SAFE is initially non-transferable and will need to undergo a governance vote in a subsequent proposal to enable transferability.