Optimism Introduces The Superchain Faucet

A faucet that allows developers to use their onchain reputation to claim up to 1 ETH in testnet funds every 24 hours.

Optimism Introduces The Superchain Faucet

Quick Take

  • Ethereum.org translation program.
  • Applications open for Gitcoin Grants 18.
  • A user loses $20 million in an address poisoning attack.
  • Optimism introduces the Superchain Faucet.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Releases The Superchain Faucet
Optimism introduced the Superchain Faucet, a faucet that allows developers to use their onchain reputation to claim up to 1 ETH in testnet funds every 24 hours. Currently operational on the Goerli testnet, the faucet provides testnet funds to developers who authenticate through their Optimist NFT, an identity NFT project on Optimism. Optimist NFT holders can personalize their avatars and unlock certain traits based on onchain activity. The Superchain Faucet also supports authentication through Github, but provides a lower allocation of testnet ether. Optimism plans to integrate a Base Goerli faucet and support authentication through WorldID.

RetroPGF 3 Voting Badge Criteria
Optimism released the criteria for distributing RetroPGF 3 voting badges, which grant membership to the Citizens’ House responsible for allocating public goods funding. A total of 208 badges will be distributed, with each RetroPGF 2 badge holder receiving a new badge and the ability to grant an extra badge to someone of their choice. The top 50 RetroPGF 2 recipients will also be able to grant a voting badge to a community member. Additionally, the Optimism Foundation will distribute 10 voting badges, and each of those recipients can distribute an additional badge. RetroPGF 2 badgeholders and the top 50 recipients must fill out a form via the Optimism governance forum to distibute their badges.

Optimism Request for Grant (RFG) 3
The Optimism Grants Council announced Request for Grant (RFG) 3, an experimental grants round focused on smart contract code audits. RFG 3 is seeking a pool of experienced auditors willing to accept token-locked OP grants as payment, a system for matching auditors with grantees, and a mechanism for distributing tokens. Optimism Grants will provide an in-kind grant to eligible grantees to be used for code audits on their applications. RFG 3 will be allocated on a rolling basis. The Optimism Grants Council also introduced RFG 4, which seeks the development of AI-driven smart contract auditing tools.

The Superhack Kicks Off On Friday
The Superhack, a virtual ETHGlobal hackathon focused on the OP Stack, begins this Friday, August 4th. The hackathon features $150k in prizes across several categories for building on specified ecosystem tech stacks. Hackathon partners include Optimism, Base, Zora, Safe, and Worldcoin. Builders have until Wednesday, August 2nd at 3:59AM UTC to apply for the hackathon.

Other OP News: Interest Protocol launching on OP Mainnet Disclosure: We are covering more Optimism news to qualify for RetroPGF.

Ethereum.org Announces Translation Program

Ethereum.org announced the Translation Program, a community effort to translate its website into additional languages. Anyone can contribute to the program as an individual or as part of a small team. Translation contributors receive a POAP as well as an ethereum.org translator certificate after the verified completion of at least 5,000 translated words. Ethereum.org is available in over 50 different languages.

Zero-Value Transfer Victim Loses $20 Million

A user fell victim to a zero-value token transfer attack by sending 20 million USDT to an attacker who spammed the victim’s wallet with empty transactions in an effort to trick the victim into transferring their assets to a fraudulent address that looks similar to their own. In this case, the victim lost $20 million due to the simple attack vector. Etherscan typically makes an effort to hide zero-value token transfers on its block explorer by default. However, transfers occasionally slip through the filter. Users are encouraged to diligently verify addresses when using copy-and-paste functions.

Applications Open For Gitcoin Grants 18

Applications are now open for Gitcoin Grants 18, the first non-beta round to operate on the Grants Stack. Gitcoin Grants 18 features $1 million in quadratic matching funds across four core rounds, including Web3 Open-Source Sofware, Web3 Community And Education, Climate Solutions, and Ethereum Infrastructure. Projects can apply for the round through August 17, 2023.