Optimism Releases Fee Estimation Package

A new NPM package designed to simplify gas fee estimation on OP Stack chains.

Optimism Releases Fee Estimation Package

Quick Take

  • QiDao cross-chain Safe module.
  • Doppio testnet public release.
  • Argent releases a web wallet.
  • Optimism fee estimation package.

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Optimism Releases Fee Estimation Package
Optimism released a new NPM package designed to simplify gas fee estimation on OP Stack chains. The package provides functions for fetching gas price information from the GasPriceOracle contract on OP Stack chains and offers a higher-level abstraction. The package includes methods for estimating gas fees, fetching the base fee, calculating the L1 portion of the fee, and obtaining dynamic parameters. The package also provides a client and offers support for L1 and L2 components of gas fee estimation, making it easier for developers to estimate fees for transactions.Disclosure: We are covering more Optimism news (than usual) to qualify for RetroPGF.

QiDao Introduces Cross-Chain Safe Module

QiDao introduced an open-source cross-chain Safe module that will be powered by Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol. The module will provide a messaging layer for cross-chain voting and intra-protocol interactions with initial support for Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Avalanche. QiDao plans to use the module to automate the management of debt ceilings, vault incentives, liquidity mining, and risk parameters on its own protocol. QiDao will release additional details about the implementation later this year. QiDao is a stablecoin protocol that features an over-collateralized USD-pegged stablecoin called MAI.

Doppio Testnet Public Release

Espresso Systems announced the public release of its Doppio shared sequencer testnet. Doppio uses its own consensus protocol called HotShot, which is a fast-finality consensus protocol that enables quick transaction confirmation and is optimized for lazy sequencing. It also features a tiered data-availability solution called Tiramisu. The Espresso Sequencer can deliver Web2-like performance while maintaining the security of a decentralized protocol. Espresso Systems also released a tutorial for using a MetaMask wallet to submit transactions to a Polygon ZK-EVM fork that is then propagated through Espresso Sequencer nodes.

Argent Releases Starknet Web Wallet

Smart contract wallet provider Argent released Web Wallet, a seedless browser-based wallet for the Starknet ecosystem. The wallet offers an email and password login experience for users. Users must enter a verification code from their email, which is combined with their password to decrypt the private key and access their account. Once a session is active, users can interact with multiple dapps. Briq, Starknet ID, Unframed, and AVN have already integrated support for Argent Web Wallet. The wallet includes Argent Shield by default, which is a two-factor authentication solution that enables users to approve flagged transactions from their email.