Optimism Releases Superchain Token List

The Superchain Token List is a unified list of tokens in the Optimism ecosystem.

Optimism Releases Superchain Token List

Quick Take

  • StarkWare releases its 2023 roadmap.
  • Ethereum.org releases its Q2 product roadmap.
  • Trust Wallet discloses a WASM-related vulnerability.
  • Optimism releases the Superchain token list.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Releases Superchain Token List
Optimism released the Superchain Token List, a unified list of tokens in the Optimism ecosystem. The list is used on native OP chain bridges, including OP Mainnet and Base. Developers can integrate the token list into their dapps, removing the need to add tokens individually. Tokens can be added to the list through a pull request on GitHub. Once a request is submitted, the Superchain token list runs a series of automated checks. If approved, a token is automatically added to the list. Optimism warns that tokens on the list are not reviewed for their merits. The Superchain refers to Optimism’s horizontally scalable network of chains built under the OP Stack.

StarkWare Releases 2023 Roadmap

StarkWare released its 2023 roadmap, which focuses on performance and user experience. In Q1, StarkWare deployed support for contracts in Cairo 1.0 on StarkNet. The network is currently in a transition period for migrating contracts from Cairo 0 to Cairo 1.0. A network regenesis is planned at the completion of the transition period in Q2. The regenesis will be a non-event for contracts written in Cairo 1.0. StarkWare also plans to improve throughput and latency in Q2 and will introduce Volition in Q3, which will greatly reduce transaction fees. Lastly, a fee market and shorter block intervals will be introduced in Q4. StarkWare says it will focus on decentralization in 2024.

Trust Wallet Discloses WASM Vulnerability

Trust Wallet disclosed a WebAssembly (WASM) related vulnerability found in its core wallet library. Users who generated a new mnemonic in the Trust Wallet Browser Extension between November 14 and 23, 2022 are affected by the bug. The vulnerability makes it possible for an attacker to predict mnemonics generated by the wallet. Two exploits potentially linked to the vulnerability have been detected so far, resulting in losses of about $170,000. Trust Wallet says it will reimburse affected users. Although a patch has been issued, more than $80k currently held in over 500 affected wallets remains at risk. Affected users are urged to move out their funds ASAP.

Cross-Layer Communication Via Precompile

Taiko developer Brecht Devos proposed a solution for simplifying cross-layer communication between L1 and L2. Currently, Merkle proofs can be used to verify data sent between layers. While the use of Merkle proofs enables cross-layer communication on any chain, it requires state root checks that are typically expensive to execute. Devos proposes exposing a precompile contract that calls a smart contract on L1 and then injects and executes the code of the L1 smart contract directly in the L2 chain. The solution allows the L2 smart contract to access the L1 state through the precompile. It also allows L2 dapps to access the latest L1 data without incurring high costs.

Ethereum.org Q2 2023 Product Roadmap

Ethereum.org released its product roadmap for Q2 2023. The roadmap includes the addition of interactive elements for site pages, a glossary tooltip, a quiz hub page, and content translation for videos and images. The roadmap also includes the launch of a writing cohort, which aims to help site contributors improve their writing ability. Ethereum.org is also in the process of implementing a new open design system.