Party Protocol Deploys On Base

The platform enables users to pool funds towards a shared objective and distribute ownership via membership NFTs.

Party Protocol Deploys On Base

Quick Take

  • Uniswap V3 contracts go live on zkSync Era.
  • Party Protocol deploys on Base.
  • OpenZeppelin releases Contracts V5.0.
  • Phaver raises a $7 million seed round.

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Party Protocol Deploys On Base
Party Protocol, an onchain group coordination platform, launched on Base Mainnet. The platform enables users to pool funds towards a shared objective and distribute ownership via membership NFTs. Participants can propose and vote on how collective funds are disbursed or spent. While the protocol is live on Ethereum Mainnet, its expansion to Base enhances accessibility with reduced transaction fees. Users can now crowdfund, create membership NFTs, pool assets for NFT purchases, and host both public and private onchain parties.

Uniswap V3 Contracts Live On zkSync Era

Uniswap V3 contracts have been launched on zkSync Era, with the first implementation featured on Oku Trade, a DeFi trading platform developed by GFX Labs. Partially funded by a grant from the Uniswap Foundation, Oku Trade serves as a front end for Uniswap, offering a CEX-like trading experience. Oku Trade features order books, price and depth charts, and trading history. The launch on zkSync Era includes initial trading pairs USDC/ETH and USDC/WBTC. Oku Trade maintains just over $400k in TVL on zkSync Era, an EVM-compatible ZK-Rollup. zkSync Era is the largest ZK-Rollup by TVL.

OpenZeppelin Releases Contracts 5.0

OpenZeppelin released Contracts v5.0, a major update to its Solidity library for Ethereum and EVM chains. The release introduces a simplified codebase, enhanced security features, and optimizations for reduced gas usage. It integrates modern best practices like the use of namespaced storage, conforming to ERC-7201. The update includes fuzzing and formal verification rules for testing protocols. Tooling enhancements have also been made to the OpenZeppelin Contracts Wizard. Contracts v5.0 is natively integrated with OpenZeppelin’s Defender security platform and is accessible in Hardhat and Foundry development environments.

Phaver Raises $7 Million Seed

Phaver, a web3 social app built on Lens Protocol, raised a $7 million seed round at an $80 million valuation, according to TechCrunch. The mobile app allows users to sign up via email, create content, and monetize their social profiles while maintaining ownership. Phaver plans to use the fresh capital to onboard new team members, further development, and form ecosystem partnerships.

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