Polygon Deploys Amoy Testnet

The introduction of Amoy is part of a plan to phase out the Mumbai testnet.

Polygon Deploys Amoy Testnet

Quick Take

  • Polygon deploys Amoy testnet.
  • BlackRock’s CEO supports an ETH ETF.
  • Tenderize announces V2 mainnet launch.
  • EtherFi surpasses 65,000 staked ETH.

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Polygon Deploys Amoy Testnet

Polygon launched the Amoy testnet, a new Sepolia-based testnet for its Polygon PoS chain. The testnet is set to become the primary sandbox for developers to build and test applications on Polygon. The introduction of Amoy is part of a plan to phase out the Mumbai testnet, which currently uses Ethereum's Goerli testnet as its root chain. As Goerli is scheduled to be deprecated in the coming months, Polygon is transitioning its essential infrastructure, faucets, and tooling to Amoy, which operates on chain ID 80002. Developers are encouraged to migrate their dapps to the new testnet. In the interim, both Mumbai and Amoy testnets will be operational to ensure a seamless transtion for developers.

Larry Fink Sees Value In ETH ETF

In a CNBC interview, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink stated that he sees value in having an ETH ETF, highlighting its role in the journey toward tokenization. Fink emphasized the efficiency and transparency benefits of a tokenized system in reducing corruption. BlackRock is the world's largest asset manager overseeing $9.42 trillion in assets. BlackRock recently received approval from the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF, along with ten other firms. Following the approval, BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) witnessed trading volumes exceeding $1 billion in its first day of trading. Ethereum's price surged to a high of $2,698 shortly after the interview.

Tenderize Announces V2 Mainnet Launch

Tenderize announced that it will deploy the second iteration of its liquid staking protocol on Arbitrum and Ethereum on January 29th. The V2 launch introduces validator-specific liquid-staked tokens called tTokens. The launch will be followed by an incentivized 3-month staking campaign where users can earn governance tokens. A portion of the tokens are also allocated toward Tenderize V1 users. Users will be able to claim their governance token at a token generation event at the end of the campaign.

EtherFi Surpasses 65,000 Staked ETH

EtherFi, a liquid staking protocol with natively restaked ETH on EigenLayer, surpassed 65,000 ETH in deposits, surpassing $170 million in TVL. The surge in deposits comes after the announcement of its upcoming token generation event set for April. Holders of EtherFi's eETH earn points in both the EtherFi and EigenLayer ecosystems, which are expected to qualify for a token allocation. EtherFi is planning to unveil its governance framework and tokenomics in the coming months.

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