Polygon Unveils Polygon 2.0 Architecture

Polygon 2.0 aims to create an elastically scalable and unified environment for accessing value.

Polygon Unveils Polygon 2.0 Architecture

Quick Take

  • Polygon unveils 2.0 architecture.
  • Argent 2FA for StarkNet wallets.
  • ENS releases a roadmap tracker.
  • Coinbase files a motion to dismiss SEC lawsuit.

Polygon Unveils Polygon 2.0 Architecture

Polygon unveiled the proposed architecture for Polygon 2.0, an upgrade featuring ZK-powered chains. Polygon 2.0 aims to create an elastically scalable and unified environment for accessing value. The architecture consists of four protocol layers, including layers for staking, interoperability, execution, and proving.

The staking layer includes a shared validator pool and restaking model for all Polygon chains. The interop layer enables cross-chain messaging, allowing instant cross-chain transfers and shared access to native Ethereum assets. The execution layer handles transaction batches. The proving layer generates ZK proofs for all transactions.

Argent Shield 2FA For StarkNet Wallets

Argent released Argent Shield, a 2FA solution for StarkNet wallets, available in Argent X v5.4.2 or later. Users can enable 2FA for StarkNet transactions, which requires a security code that is sent via email. Argent Shield requires a single onchain transaction for activation and can be enabled on each account individually.

Argent Shield serves as an added layer of security by requiring a 2FA code, even if a private key is compromised. For lost 2FA devices, users can execute an escape mechanism that deactivates Argent Shield after 7 days. Future updates will allow users to enable 2FA on either high-risk transactions only or all transactions.

ENS Releases Roadmap Tracker

ENS released a roadmap page for tracking progress toward protocol milestones. In Q2, ENS shipped the V3 app manager and a new normalization standard. The team is working toward enabling gasless DNS names in ENS using CCIP-Read. The team is also developing a lightweight version of the JavaScript ENS library.

In the future, the team plans to develop a mechanism for the L2 ecosystem to interact with ENS domains. The roadmap page was introduced as part of a series of updates from the quarterly ENS town hall. The call also covered ENS endowment updates, which is a fund that invests treasury assets for the DAO. The endowment holds $30 million in AUM earning a 2.78% yield.

Soul Wallet Refactored Contracts

Soul Wallet, an ERC-4337-compatible smart contract wallet, refactored its smart contracts to feature a modular architecture. Modules and plugins can be used to expand the wallet’s functionality without having to upgrade the core logic contract. The new design emphasizes high extensibility and permanent user ownership. The design also implements time lock mechanisms to maintain security. Soul Wallet also supports upgradability, portability, and social recovery features.

Coinbase Files Motion To Dismiss SEC Suit

Coinbase filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit from the SEC on the basis that the case falls out of the SEC’s regulatory scope. The SEC filed a lawsuit against Coinbase earlier this month over alleged securities, broker, and clearing violations. The lawsuit names Coinbase Prime, Coinbase Wallet, and identifies over 12 individual assets in supposed violation. Coinbase also filed a response to over 100 allegations made by the SEC.

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