Prague And Electra Meta Thread

Tim Beiko initiated a Meta Thread for the Prague/Electra network upgrade, the next upgrade after Dencun.

Prague And Electra Meta Thread

Quick Take

  • The Prague and Electra Meta Thread.
  • EigenLayer increases its operator limit.
  • EF Next Billion Fellowship Cohort 4.
  • Chainlink staking V0.2 goes live.

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Prague And Electra Meta Thread

Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko initiated a Meta Thread for the Prague/Electra network upgrade, the next upgrade after Dencun. The Meta Thread is designed to be a central place for developers to discuss and determine EIPs for inclusion and to define the overall scope. Beiko proposed to use Meta EIPs to streamline the tracking of EIPs that are part of network upgrades. To address scattered and duplicate EIP documentation, Beiko suggests a single Meta EIP for tracking both Execution Layer (EL) and Consensus Layer (CL) changes in coupled upgrades. For decoupled upgrades, separate EIPs would be maintained. The Electrague upgrade, which consists of the EL upgrade named Prague (after Devcon cities) and the CL upgrade named Electra (after stars), is expected to include EIPs for EOF and Verkle tries.

EigenLayer Increases Operator Limit

EigenLayer increased its Stage 2 testnet operator capacity from 30 to 60. Operators are key network participants who manage nodes, validate transactions for Actively Validated Services (AVS), and receive delegated stakes. The Stage 2 testnet, launched last week, allows operators to register and select AVSs to validate. Earlier this week, Google Cloud joined as an operator. The stage 2 testnet also introduced EigenDA as the first AVS. Developers can now incorporate EigenDA into their rollups and restakers on the Goerli testnet can delegate stakes to operators. The top 60 operators by delegated stake are eligible to validate EigenDA. The Stage 2 mainnet launch is anticipated in the first half of 2024, with Stage 3 also set for 2024, expanding support for AVSs.

EF Opens Fellowship Cohort 4

The Ethereum Foundation is now accepting applications for its fourth Cohort of the Next Billion Fellowship. The fellowship is a 6-month non-technical apprenticeship that supports individuals working on a personal project that uses Ethereum to empower a better future. The key requirement for applicants is being able to publicly represent and share their work with the community. Next Billion Fellowship provides access to relevant experts, resources from the EF, and financial support. The program will host office hours for applicants on December 6th and January 9th. Applications are open between now and January 15th, 2024.

Chainlink launched Staking v0.2 on mainnet, an upgrade featuring a modular design, an unbonding mechanism, enhanced security, a raised staking cap, and a dynamic rewards system. Current v0.1 stakers have the opportunity to transfer their LINK to v0.2 until December 7th. General access for staking will open on December 11th, allowing anyone to stake up to 15,000 LINK, assuming capacity remains. The maximum limit for deposits in this pool is set at 45 million LINK. Over 10 million LINK, valued at approximately $155 million, has already been deposited to the v0.2 pool.

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