Privy Integrates Sign In With Farcaster

The feature allows developers to incorporate a Farcaster login option for users in their applications.

Privy Integrates Sign In With Farcaster

Quick Take

  • Privy releases Sign In With Farcaster.
  • Mode announces airdrop 1.
  • Conic Finance V2 goes live.
  • releases its 2023 recap.

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Privy Releases Sign In With Farcaster

Privy, a tool provider for authentication development, introduced Sign In With Farcaster (SIWF), a new feature that allows developers to incorporate a Farcaster login option for users in their applications. Developers can enable Farcaster as a social login choice through the Privy developer console. Users can then login using their Farcaster signer. When users login using Farcaster, the connection retrieves relevant account information such as Farcaster ID, username, and profile image. The integration is designed for read-only access to Farcaster data. Farcaster is a web3-based social network with a core social graph stored on OP Mainnet. Farcaster witnessed a surge in user activity this week, reaching over 80,000 users.

Mode Announces Airdrop 1

Mode, a Layer-2 network built on the OP Stack, launched its inaugural airdrop event, coined Mode Sunrise. Users can now claim an initial allocation of Mode points based on their historical onchain activities across DeFi applications, NFTs, and other Layer 2 networks. 550 million MODE tokens, constituting 5.5% of the total token supply, have allocated to the initial airdrop phase. To claim their points, users are required to bridge assets from Ethereum Mainnet to the Mode rollup. The launch of the MODE token is scheduled for April 2024. Users can accumulate additional points through referrals and the volume of assets bridged. Mode features a native sequencer fee sharing module, enabling users to earn a portion of sequencer fees generated by users they refer.

Conic Finance V2 Goes Live

Conic Finance deployed Conic V2, an upgrade that introduces Liquidity Allocation Modules (LAMs), LP bonding incentives, an upgraded locker, and the reactivation of CNC inflation. The update reinstates support for Omnipools, which had been temporarily suspended following a reentrancy exploit last summer. The newly integrated Liquidity Allocation Modules (LAMs) enables the distribution of liquidity across various DeFi protocols, offering new strategies for managing Omnipools. Initially Conic V2 includes ETH, crvUSD, and USDC Omnipools. Conic Finance is a protocol that allows LPs to optimize their exposure on Curve Finance. 2023 Year in Review released its year in review highlighting accomplishments in 2023. A total of 1.47 million words from Ethereum content on the website were translated across 56 languages by 217 translators. also hosted two editions of the writers cohort, introduced interactive quizzes, and released a Ethereum protocol roadmap hub. also released its 2024 product roadmap.

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