Quix Releases Optimism NFT Bridge

The bridge works by locking assets in an Ethereum L1 smart contract and minting a new version of the NFT on Optimism.

Quix Releases Optimism NFT Bridge

Quick Take

  • Offchain Labs acquires Prysmatic Labs.
  • Polynomial introduces single-click cross-chain deposits.
  • Zerion raises a $12.3 million Series B.
  • Uniswap refreshes its web application.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Quix Releases Optimism NFT Bridge
Quix, the first Optimism NFT marketplace. released an NFT bridge for sending NFTs to and from Ethereum. The bridge works by locking assets in an Ethereum L1 smart contract and minting a new version of the NFT on Optimism. The L2 NFT on Optimism can be used at any time to unlock the underlying asset on Ethereum Optimism NFTs are still subject to the network’s 7-day withdrawal period when NFTs are bridged back to L1. Ethereum NFT collections will need to set up royalties for their collection on Optimism. Optimism offers average transaction costs of less than $0.20 per transaction. Quix has been live on Optimism since December 2021.

Polynomial Portal Cross-Chain Deposits
Polynomial Protocol released Polynomial Portal, a tool for one-click cross-chain deposits into a Call Selling vault. The DeFi options protocol is only available on Optimism, requiring users to bridge and swap assets for Synthetix tokens. The portal allows users to seamlessly bridge, swap, and deposit assets into a Call Selling vault. The portal currently supports deposits from Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon and uses Hop Protocol and the Optimism native bridge for bridging. Socket’s liquidity layer is being used to power the portal. The bridge aggregator allows Polynomial to enable support for any EVM chain and bridge supported by Socket.

Offchain Labs Acquires Prysmatic Labs

Offchain Labs announced its acquisition of Prysmatic Labs, the development team behind the most popular Ethereum consensus client known as Prysm. The company says that Prysm will continue to be developed as a fully open-source and neutral consensus client. Prysm engineers will continue to research scaling topics. Offchain Labs plans to work closely with Prysmatic on new joint initiatives concerning L1 and L2 development. The company will also become more involved in Ethereum’s core development including EIP-4844. Also known as proto-danksharting, the EIP will lower data availability costs for L2 rollups helping improve throughput.

Zerion Raises $12.3 Million In Series B

DeFi dashboard Zerion raised $12.3 million in a Series B funding round led by Wintermute with participation from Placeholder VC, Coinbase, Alchemy, and Mosaic VC among others. Zerion plans to use the fresh capital to further develop its mobile wallet by continuing to improve UX and levering advanced data analytics. Zerion has shipped out new NFT-focused features including an NFT explorer, trending NFT lists, and Zerion DNA living NFTs. More than 60k Zerion wallets have been created, holding over $100 million worth of combined assets. Zerion’s swap integration has also processed more than $1.5 billion in trading volume.

Uniswap Releases Refreshed Web App

Uniswap released a refreshed version of its web application with improved token data, discovery, and search options. Users can now access charts, data sources, community resources, and project websites directly within the web app. It also features a tokens tab, a search bar, and a seamless link to user support. NFT aggregator support will also be implemented soon, according to Uniswap’s Head of NFT Product