Ren Protocol Now Supports Optimism

Developers can now use the RenJS SDK to build cross-chain dapps on Optimism.

Ren Protocol Now Supports Optimism

Quick Take

  • OpenZeppelin releases contracts for Cairo.
  • Ethereum’s 9th mainnet shadow fork set for July 14th,
  • Ren Protocol adds support for Optimism
  • Robinhood enables transfers on the Polygon network.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Ren Protocol Now Supports Optimism

Ren, a protocol for cross-chain asset transfers, has added support for Optimistic Ethereum. Users can now use the RenBridge to transfer assets from more than 7 chains, including Bitcoin and Zcash, directly to Optimism. The protocol mints assets from other chains as ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, such as renBTC for Bitcoin. Users can then burn the ERC-20 tokens to release the underlying asset on the origin chain. Developers can now use the RenJS SDK to build cross-chain dapps on Optimism.

3AC Owes $270 Million CEO Peter Smith revealed in a letter to shareholders that the company stands to lose $270 million from a defaulted loan to 3AC. Smith reassured investors that remains solvent and customers will not be impacted by the loss. According to the letter, 3AC had previously borrowed and repaid over $700 million worth of cryptocurrency during its relationship with over the past four years. was among the group of lenders to liquidate collateral from 3AC. A recent court filing revealed 3AC's founder's whereabouts remain unknown.

Ethereum Mainnet Shadow Fork #9

The 9th shadow fork for the merge on Ethereum Mainnet is scheduled for July 14th at 2:00 PM UTC. It is one of many shadow forks happening on a regular basis as the merge approaches. A “shadow fork” is when the state of an existing network is mirrored onto a merged PoS network. Transactions from the main network can be replayed onto the shadow network as they occur. Shadow forks are used for testing different merge scenarios, such as a block reorg.

OpenZeppelin Contracts For Cairo v0.2.0

OpenZeppelin released smart contracts for Cairo v0.2.0. Cairo is the native smart contract language for StarkNet, a ZK-rollup developed by StarkWare. The new release introduces support for Namespaces, a mechanism for distinguishing between private, public, external, and storage libraries. The release also includes an interactive interface for building contract components in Cairo. OpenZeppelin is a security audit and smart contract standard development firm. The company’s contracts and open-source libraries have become a staple for the industry, helping reduce the amount of code that must be written manually by developers.

Robinhood Enables Deposits on Polygon

Robinhood added support for ERC-20 token deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon network. Eligible Robinhood users who signed up for the WebWallets waitlist are now able to send and receive ETH, LINK, COMP, MATIC, and SHIB on the polygon network. Earlier this month, Robinhood enabled external crypto transfers for the first time.