Safe Account Abstraction Accelerator

The accelerator seeks to provide technical and financial support to developers building smart contract wallet products.

Safe Account Abstraction Accelerator

Quick Take

  • Safe launches an Account Abstraction accelerator.
  • Defillama releases LlamaNodes Premium.
  • Gravita deploys on Arbitrum.
  • ChainSafe introduces Zipline Casper.

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Safe Launches AA Accelerator

Safe launched an account abstraction accelerator in partnership with Longhash VC. The accelerator seeks to provide technical and financial support to developers building smart contract wallet products using the Safe{Core} account abstraction stack. Developers can apply to the accelerator through September 29th. The accelerator consists of a 12-week program starting in mid-October. The program will accelerate the growth of 25-30 projects and will fund 5 of the projects with $200,000 each. Safe is seeking applicants developing new Safe Plugins, Safe Hooks, Signature Verifiers, and projects leveraging Safe Account Abstraction kits.

LlamaNodes Premium Is Now Live

Defillama launched LlamaNodes Premium, a paid service offering fast, cost-effective, and feature-rich RPCs for projects and developers. The premium service features unlimited requests, unlimited endpoints, caching, archive data, private relayers, automatic resubmissions, auto-scaling infrastructure, and advanced monitoring tools. LlamaNodes Premium is now available on Ethereum and Polygon with plans to support Arbitrum, Optimism, and BSC chains in the near future. LlamaNodes also offers free-to-use public and custom RPC endpoints for lower-usage accounts. RPCs are calls that serve as the messaging layer between dapps and blockchains.

Gravita Goes Live On Arbitrum

Gravita, a borrowing protocol backed by liquid staking tokens (LSTs), is now live on Arbitrum. Users can now use rETH, wstETH, and wETH as collateral to mint the protocol’s native GRAI stablecoin with 0% interest, aside from fixed protocol fees. The minimum borrowing amount was reduced to 200 GRAI for loans on Arbitrum. Gravita will also refund its 0.5% protocol fee for users on Arbitrum who successfully repay their loans within 6 months. Gravita is a fork of Liquity Protocol and offers collateralized debt positions called vessels, along with its GRAI stablecoin, which employs mechanics similar to LUSD. Gravita holds over $25 million in TVL.

ChainSafe Introduces Zipline Casper

Blockchain research firm ChainSafe introduced Zipline Casper, a prototype for an optimistic, trust-minimized, cross-chain, block header oracle. Zipline uses the Casper finality protocol to facilitate cross-chain communication between EVM chains and ensures that only finalized headers from the origin chain are accepted on the destination chain. Zipline verifies the origin chain finality protocol in full and uses a fault-proving system from the OP Stack Zipline started as a hackathon project and was developed under a grant from the Gnosis Builders program. ChainSafe plans to release a production-ready version of Zipline Casper by the end of this year.