Safe Introduces Google Sign-In

Users can deploy smart accounts on Gnosis Chain using only their Google Account.

Safe Introduces Google Sign-In

Quick Take

  • Safe introduces Google sign-in.
  • Aave restores affected V2 and V3 markets.
  • EtherFiโ€™s eETH goes live on mainnet.
  • Brave integrates SIWE.

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Safe Introduces Sign-Up Via Google

Safe introduced support for social login, allowing users to deploy smart accounts on Gnosis Chain using only their Google Account. Gnosis Chain is sponsoring the gas fees for account deployments. The process of creating a Safe account takes less than a minute and eliminates the need for a seed phrase. Gnosis Chain is also sponsoring up to five transactions per hour over the next month. Safe plans to extend social login support to additional chains. Once a smart account is deployed, users can enhance their security by adding more wallet addresses as signers to their multisig configuration. For wallet access, users simply need to sign in with their Google Account. Safe is the largest smart contract wallet provider, having secured over $40 billion in assets.

Aave Restores Affected V2 And V3 Markets

The Aave Community Guardian has restored the Aave V2 Ethereum Market along with select assets in the Aave V3 Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism markets. The markets were temporarily paused last week after a confirmed security vulnerability was reported. During the freeze, users were still able to repay and withdraw their positions. A liquidation grace mechanism was also implemented for further protection. Following the Aave DAO's approval of a corrective update, which was implemented earlier today, normal operations have resumed in both V2 and V3 markets. Users are now able to carry out deposits, withdrawals, and position repayments as usual.

EtherFi eETH Goes Live On Mainnet

EtherFi's liquid restaked token, eETH, is now live on the mainnet in a beta release. Users who registered for the whitelist are eligible to mint eETH against ETH deposits. eETH is natively restaked on EigenLayer, offering boosted yields for liquid stakers once Actively Validated Services become operational. The whitelist remains open for new sign-ups. Users who engage in early mainnet staking can earn loyalty points. EtherFi intends to expand eETH minting to all users in the future. It also plans to integrate eETH into various DeFi protocols, including Balancer, Aura Finance, Gravita Protocol, Mav Protocol, and Pendle Finance.

Brave Integrates SIWE

Brave integrated Sign-In With Ethereum (SIWE) and CoW Swap functionality into its browser wallet. The update allows Brave Wallet users to securely sign-in when interacting with third-party dapps. The wallet now supports advanced parsing of ERC-4361 messages to enhance message clarity and protect users from phishing attempts. The CoW Swap integration facilitates gasless message-based swaps. Users can articulate their trading intentions offchain using signed EIP-712 typed messages, which enables the signing of structured data rather than bytestrings. These latest features are available in version 1.60 of the Brave browser.

Ryan Wyatt Joins Optimism

Ryan Wyatt, the former President of Polygon Labs, has taken on a new role as the Chief Growth Officer at Optimism. Wyatt left his position at Polygon just four months earlier in July of this year. Before Polygon, he held the position of head of gaming at YouTube. Reported by Decrypt, Wyatt is set to steer Optimism Unlimited, a newly formed subsidiary focusing on partnerships and marketing.

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