Scroll Mainnet Goes Live

Initial dapps on the rollup include Orbiter,, SpaceFi, Syncswap, and Tally.

Scroll Mainnet Goes Live

Quick Take

  • Scroll Mainnet goes live.
  • Reddit sunsets Community Points.
  • Fileverse raises a $1.5m funding round.
  • L2 coordination call.

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Scroll Mainnet Goes Live

Scroll, an EVM-equivalent ZK Rollup, is now live on mainnet and open for all. Users can bridge from Ethereum Mainnet to Scroll using the native bridge. Ecosystem bridges Orbiter Finance,, and Owlto Finance also released support for bridging to Scroll Mainnet. Initial dapps on the rollup include SpaceFi, Syncswap, and Tally. Scroll offers bytecode-level compatibility, enabling developers to seamlessly port their Ethereum applications without requiring a transpiler. The network offers low fees, faster speeds, and improved scalability. Developers are encouraged to engage with the open-source codebase and participate in a $1 million bug bounty program.

Reddit Sunsets Community Points

Reddit announced its decision to discontinue Community Points by November 8th. Community Points are ERC-20 tokens on Arbitrum Nova that were earned by users for their involvement in subreddit communities and were used for voting, tipping, and acquiring memberships. Reddit cited regulatory concerns as a reason for the shutdown. After November 8th, users will no longer see their points in their Reddit Vault, and any points in community tanks will be burned. Special memberships will also be phased out. Since the announcement, the price of MOON, the native points for the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, has plummeted by over 80%. Community Points were initially introduced in 2020 and later migrated to Arbitrum Nova in August 2022.

Fileverse Raises $1.5 Million

Fileverse, an onchain file-sharing platform, has raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding. Investors include Gnosis, Safe, Galxe, and Arweave. Fileverse provides a smart contract for managing onchain files, encompassing functions like uploading and sharing. Users have access to complete file management, including privacy configuration, and the choice to make files accessible via IPFS, all while retaining full control over their data.

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