Scroll Unveils Multi-Proof System

Scroll says it will release a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) prover to production in the next 6 months.

Scroll Unveils Multi-Proof System

Quick Take

  • Scroll unveils multi-proof system.
  • Socket recovers 1,032 ETH.
  • UMA introduces Oval.
  • WalletConnect confirms email security breach.

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Scroll Unveils Multi-Proof System

Scroll, an EVM-Equivalent ZK-Rollup, unveiled its multi-proof system architecture. The implementation introduces a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) as a second prover, to work alongside Scroll’s primary zkEVM prover. TEEs use a secure area of a processor, where data and memory are inaccessible to other components in the system, to run software and generate proofs. Scroll opted for a TEE prover to prioritize efficiency and reduced overhead when compared to implementing a secondary ZK-EVM prover. The approach aligns with the broader principle of multi-client support, enhancing overall network security by mitigating the risk of a single proof failure leading to widespread network issues. Scroll aims to deploy the TEE prover to mainnet within 6 months.

Socket Recovers 1,032 ETH From Exploit

Cross-chain bridge protocol Socket successfully recovered 1,032 ETH from a SocketGateway contract exploit earlier this month. An onchain message log shows a dialogue between Socket and the perpetrator, leading to an agreement for a white hat operation, which includes dropping prosecution against the attacker. As part of the deal, the attacker appears to have retained about 20% of the total funds, amounting to 106 ETH, 165k MATIC, 2.88 WBTC, and 42 WETH, as a bounty. Socket will announce a plan for the return of assets to the 219 users impacted by the incident. Socket acknowledged Seal911, Slowmist, and Hexagate teams, along with other security specialists, for their role in the recovery.

UMA Introduces Oval Oracle MEV Capture

UMA Protocol launched Oval, a mechanism designed to capture Oracle Extractable Value (OEV) for lending protocols. The innovative tool enables protocols to generate revenue from consuming Chainlink's oracle price updates. When price updates lead to liquidations, OEV is generated, but it is not currently captured by protocols. Oval is built on Chainlink's price feed oracle and employs Flashbots’ MEV-Share software. Oval auctions liquidation rights to searchers, with the auction's revenue being redirected back to the originating protocol. UMA says that Oval can capture up to 90% of the OEV. Lending protocols can now integrate Oval on mainnet without code changes.

WalletConnect Confirms Email Provider Exploit

Wallet Connect confirmed a security breach at MailerLite, their marketing email provider, leading to the leak of user email addresses and a series of phishing attacks. Numerous Web3 projects using MailerLite services were impacted. The phishing emails were sent from official project domains through exploited DNS records. Security specialist ZachXBT cited that the phishing campaign has already resulted in the theft of over half a million dollars.

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