Sismo Winds Down Attestation Protocol

The project had previously secured $10.5 million in funding and returned 51% of the amount to investors.

Sismo Winds Down Attestation Protocol

Quick Take

  • Starknet outlines $STRK distribution.
  • Sismo returns funds to investors.
  • Voting concludes for RetroPGF3.
  • Brahma Console deploys to mainnet.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

RetroPGF3 Voting Concludes
Voting for Optimism’s third retroactive public goods funding round has concluded. A total of 135 out of 146 badgeholders voted on 633 projects to receive an allocation of 30 million OP tokens. A total of 502 applicants met the quorum to receive funding. The results will be announced on January 10, 2024. Badgeholders are members who have been selected to be part of Optimism’s Citizens' House, a one-person one-vote-based governance system. 20% of the OP token treasury has been allocated to RetroPGF. A portion of sequencer revenue from OP Mainnet, Base, and PGN has also been committed to the RetroPGF initiative.

Starknet Outlines $STRK Token Distribution

Starknet released its plans for distributing STRK tokens, including an allocation of 1.8 billion tokens from its total supply of 10 billion. 900 million tokens will be distributed by a provisions committee tasked with decentralizing the network. Additionally, 900 million STRK tokens are set aside for network rebates aimed at benefiting end users. A further 50 million tokens are designated for onchain incentives. Starknet is also preparing to unveil additional plans focused on developers and dapps building on its ZK Rollup. Last week, the Starknet Foundation confirmed plans to distribute STRK tokens to selected users and contributors for their past activities.

Sismo Winds Down Attestation Protocol

Sismo, a protocol specializing in privacy-centric attestations, is winding down and sending its remaining funds to investors. The project had previously secured $10.5 million in funding and has returned 51% of the amount to investors. Sismo provided a platform for creating ZK badges to aggregate reputation. The badges served as attestations tokenized as non-transferable ERC-1155 NFTs. The platform leveraged ZKPs to ensure user privacy. It enabled applications to request and validate users' ZK proofs. Parts of the protocol have been made open-source, and basic infrastructure will continue to be supported for a few months.

Brahma Deploys Console To Mainnet

Brahma launched Brahma Console on mainnet. The platform enables teams to delegate, manage custody, automate transactions, and execute onchain actions more efficiently. The Console integrates with Safe and provides tools for parsing transaction data, RPC routing, retrying stuck transactions, and setting granular permissions. Brahma also secured a $2.5 million seed extension funding round led by Greenfield Capital. The project intends to use the new capital to enhance its products, including multi-chain deployments and broader dapp connectivity.

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