Starknet Early Community Member Program

A grants initiative designed to distribute 50 million STRK tokens to early Starknet contributors.

Starknet Early Community Member Program

Quick Take

  • Starknet Early Community Member Program.
  • PRISMA token to launch on November 2nd.
  • Elections conclude for the Arbitrum Security Council.
  • Enzyme Finance supports Aave V3.

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Starknet Early Community Member Program

Starknet rolled out the Starknet Early Community Member Program (ECMP), a grant initiative designed to distribute 50 million STRK tokens to its early contributors. The program, which runs until November 23rd, welcomes both technical and non-technical applicants. U.S. individuals are not eligible for the program. Valid contributions span from technical discourse, ecosystem project contributors, event facilitators, and individuals creating Starknet-branded content. The selection process will consider factors such as impact, significance, effort, and originality. Starknet is a permissionless zk-STARK-based L2 network, developed by Starkware.

PRISMA To Launch November 2nd

Prisma Finance, an LST-backed stablecoin protocol, is set to launch its PRISMA token on November 2nd. By locking PRISMA tokens, users can obtain vePRISMA, which grants governance voting rights. vePRISMA holders can vote on various protocol parameters, including collateral inclusion, fee structures, incentives, and token emissions. Users receive more voting power for longer lock durations. Holding PRISMA tokens doesn't grant any governance power. Prisma Finance invites community members to engage, discuss, and initiate governance proposals at Prisma Finance is based on the Liquity Protocol codebase.

Arbitrum Security Council Elections Conclude

Elections for the rotation of six members of the 12-member Arbitrum Security Council have concluded. The new members are Patrick McCorry of the Arbitrum Foundation, 0xhombre of PlutusDAO, John Morrow of Gauntlet, Omer of Chaos Labs, Harry Kalodner of Offchain Labs, and Matt Fiebach of Blockworks. The Security Council is tasked with making expedited protocol upgrades during emergency situations. Upgrades executed by the security council do not need approval from the Arbitrum DAO but are subject to a short delay period. The council can also make non-emergency upgrades. Members are rotated every six months.

Enzyme Finance Supports Aave V3

Asset management protocol Enzyme Finance released support for Aave V3. Enzyme Finance users can now provide liquidity and borrow assets against their collateral on the Aave V3 Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon markets. Users can also access high-efficiency mode for correlated assets. Enzyme Finance serves as a defi aggregator that allows users to create custom vaults.

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