Starknet Testnet Cairo V0.12.1 Release

The new version charges for unsuccessful or reverted transactions, helping protect the network from DDOS attacks.

Starknet Testnet Cairo V0.12.1 Release

Quick Take

  • Cairo v0.12.1 testnet release.
  • Blockscan Chat mobile app.
  • Forta Network Scam Detector.
  • Devconnect Coworking Space.

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Starknet Testnet Cairo V0.12.1 Release

Starkware upgraded the Starknet Testnet to Cairo v0.12.1, an update that includes failed transactions in blocks. The new version also charges for unsuccessful or reverted transactions, helping protect the network from denial of service attacks with spam transactions. Cairo v0.12.1 aims to simplify transaction management for developers. According to Starkware, the improvements will result in more TPS throughput for the network. Starknet users who have not upgraded their wallet accounts in the past six months are required to do so ahead of the Cairo v0.12.1 mainnet release, which is expected in the coming weeks. Future upgrades will introduce Volition and 4844 support.

Etherscan Blockscan Chat Mobile App

Etherscan released a mobile app for its Blockscan Chat wallet-to-wallet messaging tool. Users can now initiate end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) messages between any ethereum wallet using the Blockscan Chat app on iOS or Android. The mobile app also features push notifications, pinned chats, archived chats, and anti-spam protection. Etherscan also released an AI chatbot mini-game where mobile app users can interact with a chatbot for a chance to win Sepolia and Goerli testnet ETH. Messages with Etherscan chatbots are not end-to-end encrypted. The Blockscan Chat mobile app is currently in a beta release.

Forta Network Introduces The Scam Detector

Forta Network introduced an updated version of its Scam Detector, which is an API-based data feed that identifies Web3 scams. The new version was released as a premium paid feed and directs fees toward bot detection developers, such as BlockSec and Nethermind. The Scam Detector now identifies malicious URLs. The tool consists of a series of Forta bots that monitor different threat types, including malicious smart contracts and wallets involved in scam activity. Powered by machine learning, the tool detects scam behavior across seven EVM chains in real-time. Forta Network is a bot detection and onchain activity monitoring platform.

Devconnect Cowork Space Tickets

Ticket sales for the Devconnect coworking space in Istanbul are now open. The coworking space is officially hosted by the Devconnect team as a meeting point and workspace for Devconnect attendees. Tickets are available for 10 euros on a first-come-first-serve basis. Devconnect is an Ethereum-focused conference separate from Devcon, taking place in Istanbul from November 13-19, 2023.