Starkware Introduces The Starknet Stack

A tech stack for deploying a custom Starknet Appchain instance.

Starkware Introduces The Starknet Stack

Quick Take

  • Starkware introduces the Starknet Stack.
  • The Arbitrum Foundation kicks off its grants program.
  • Linea Mainnet goes live for all users.
  • Nethermind partners with EigenLayer.

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Starkware Introduces The Starknet Stack

Starkware introduced the Starknet Stack, a tech stack for deploying a custom Starknet Appchain instance. A custom appchain instance offers congestion protection, enhanced scalability, and lower transaction fees. Appchains also have the ability to implement unique features like a custom fee market logic and consensus mechanism.

A recent Cairo upgrade introduced support for more expressive smart contracts, providing a Rust-like and ergonomic experience for developers. StarkEx is a permissioned solution for appchains while Starknet serves as the project's permissionless network. The Starknet Stack is currently under development.

Arbitrum Foundation Grants Phase 1

The Arbitrum Foundation launched phase one of its grants program, focusing on decentralized applications and infrastructure for Arbitrum Nova and Arbitrum One. Grants will be milestone and KPI-based, with a rolling application window. Projects can apply at Future phases will feature grants for other project types.

Grant recipients will be showcased on the foundation's website, and all grants will require KYC verification. Foundation Grants are separate from the Arbitrum DAO, which is currently in the process of approving its own independently managed grants programs. Arbitrum One is the largest L2 network by TVL with over $6 billion in TVL.

DeFi Saver Integrates crvUSD

DeFi Saver, a dashboard for managing assets across protocols, now supports crvUSD. The integration features a dedicated crvUSD dashboard with support for leveraged positions, repay and boost, and self-liquidation with collateral. DeFi Saver also displays an overview of the collateral distribution across price bands.

The integration is only available for positions on Ethereum Mainnet. crvUSD is an overcollateralized USD-pegged stablecoin that features a novel liquidation mechanism called the Lending-Liquidating AMM Algorithm (LLAMMA). crvUSD can be minted using ETH, sfxETH, wstETH, or WBTC as collateral.

Linea Mainnet Goes Live

Line, an EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup by ConsenSys, is now live on mainnet and available for all users. The initial launch includes integrations with ConsenSys-built infrastructure, including a native Linea Mainnet Infura RPC on MetaMask. Initial bridges include Linea’s native bridge, Celer Network,, and Orbiter Finance.

SyncSwap also deployed as one of the first DEXs on the network. Linea is also airdropping a tiered series of 352,000 NFTs to eligible Linea Voyage participants. Linea is hosting an open edition NFT for all participants. The network already holds over $8.7 million in TVL, according to data from L2beat.

Nethermind Partners With EigenLayer

Nethermind, an Ethereum execution client and infrastructure provider, is partnering with EigenLayer to help build architecture for restaking on Ethereum. According to The Block, Nethermind will participate in a future governance community multisig for EigenLayer. Nethermind plans to release additional details during the EthCC community conference.