Synapse Chain Goes Live On Testnet

Synapse Chain is an optimistic rollup built using an extension of the OP Stack.

Synapse Chain Goes Live On Testnet

Quick Take

  • Synapse Chain goes live on testnet.
  • Safe deploys on Polygon ZK-EVM.
  • Offchain Labs partners with Espresso Systems.
  • Uniswap feature to detect fee-on-transfer tokens.

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Synapse Chain Goes Live On Testnet
Synapse Protocol launched its Synapse Interchain Network and Synapse Chain on testnet. Synapse Chain is an optimistic rollup built using an extension of the OP Stack, coined as the SYN OP Stack. The Synapse Interchain Network facilitates secure and trustless communication and settlement between rollup chains. Synapse Chain serves as the data availability layer for all chains connected to the Synapse Interchain Network. Applications developed on SIN can access blockchain data and enable instant liquidity transfers across the entire network of chains. The state of the network is posted on Synapse Chain, where it is used for message attestations, staking, and fraud reports.

Safe Deploys On Polygon ZK-EVM

Safe integrated its smart account infrastructure into Polygon’s ZK-EVM network. Users can now deploy a Safe smart contract wallet on Polygon ZK-EVM. The integration also includes the deployment of the Safe{Core} account abstraction stack, allowing developers to build asset management tools on the L2 network. Polygon ZK-EVM is an EVM-equivalent zk-Rollup focused on processing low-cost and high-throughput transactions. EVM-equivalence allows developers to deploy existing Ethereum smart contracts without code adjustments. Gnosis Pay, a crypto-based debit card, uses Polygon ZK-EVM to process low-cost crypto-to-fiat conversions.

Offchain Labs Partners With Espresso Systems

Offchain Labs partnered with Espresso Systems to bring decentralized shared sequencing to Arbitrum rollup chains. Offchain Labs is also contributing toward the development of a transaction-ordering design called Timeboost. The design will allow users to optionally pay an extra priority fee to reduce MEV attacks. Timeboost will be integrated into the Espresso Sequencer, a consensus protocol that offers fast finality and high throughput transactions. Offchain Labs is also working on an open-source production-ready implementation of Timeboost that can be adopted by any network.

Uniswap Detects Fee On Transfer Tokens

Uniswap now detects swap fee-on-transfer tokens on its DEX web app. Fee-on-transfer tokens are ERC-20 tokens with a predefined tax, often represented as a percentage. The tax is typically applied during token swaps, directing the taxed amount to an address specified by the token's issuer. The feature also adjusts slippage to help prevent failed transactions. According to Uniswap creator Hayden Adams, fee-on-transfer tokens have been identified as the primary contributor to transaction failures on the DEX.