The Graph Adds Support For Optimism

Developers can now query, index, and collect data across Optimism.

The Graph Adds Support For Optimism

Quick Take

  • Euler adds support for cbETH collateral.
  • Rarible adds Polygon to its NFT marketplace builder.
  • Harpie introduces 2FA for crypto wallets.
  • The Graph adds support for Optimism and Arbitrum.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

The Graph Supports Optimism
Blockchain indexing protocol The Graph now supports subgraphs for Optimism and Arbitrum. Developers can now query, index, and collect data across the L2 networks. The integration is part of The Graph’s Multi-Chain Incentivized Program (MIPs), which aims to enable the migration of multi-chain subgraphs. The Graph now supports a total of 39 blockchain networks.

Euler Adds Support For cbETH Collateral

Lending protocol Euler Finance added support for Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH) as a collateral asset. The addition marks the first DeFi integration for Coinbase’s liquid staking token. cbETH represents ether staked by Coinbase, which is currently the third-largest staking entity, ahead of Lido Finance. Users can now lend, borrow, and leverage cbETH on Euler. Currently, lending cbETH on Euler yields 1.18% lending APY in addition to the 4.02% staking APY. Borrowers on Euler also earn the platform’s $EUL governance token. Users can access up to 2.75x leverage on cbETH collateral.

Rarible Adds Polygon To Marketplace Builder

Polygon is now supported as a network on Rarible’s community NFT marketplace builder. The builder is a no-code solution that allows NFT collection owners to create a customized NFT marketplace. The free-to-use builder also aggregates NFT listings from OpenSea, X2Y2, Rarible, and LooksRare. Initially, only listings from OpenSea will be aggregated on Polygon NFT marketplaces. Mandatory royalties can also be set on each marketplace. Rarible’s marketplace builder was released in August 2022 with initial support for Ethereum. The tool has since been used to create over 1,200 NFT marketplaces across five supported chains.

Harpie Introduces 2FA For Wallets

Harpie launched an early-access release for its Eagle RPC, a security tool that enables 2FA for wallets. Once added to an Ethereum wallet, the Eagle RPC monitors transactions. If a suspicious transaction is detected, the Eagle RPC stops the transaction from being sent on-chain and sends an email notification to the user. Users can then re-confirm or reverse the transaction from their email. Harpie will announce details for early access to Eagle in the coming days. Harpie already offers an on-chain firewall solution that frontruns malicious transactions. The firewall transfers at-risk funds to a secure vault and charges 0.01 ETH per recovery.

Gemzy Shared Ownership NFT Vaults

NFT infrastructure platform Gemzy launched Gemzy Vaults, which are shared ownership NFT contracts designed for group traders. Similar to PartyBid, users can pool together ETH to purchase an NFT, which is then fractionalized and distributed among participants proportional to the % of ETH they contributed. Vault members can sell their fractional NFT on secondary markets or vote on a proposal to sell the underlying NFT. If a sale is successful, users can claim their share of funds by redeeming their fractional NFT. Gemzy supports both public and private vaults. There s also a 2.5% platform fee on the sales price of each NFT sold by a vault.