Truffle Suite Winds Down Operations

Truffle Suite will maintain its infrastructure for the next 90 days for developers to transition their tooling.

Truffle Suite Winds Down Operations

Quick Take

  • Truffle Suite winds down operations.
  • Matter Labs introduces a zkSync fellowship.
  • Caldera introduces ecosystem integrations.
  • Rainbow releases its browser extension.

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Truffle Suite Winds Down Operations

Truffle Suite, a provider of developer tools for Ethereum, announced that it is closing down operations. The project published guides for transitioning to Hardhat tools. Truffle Suite will maintain its infrastructure for the next 90 days to facilitate a smooth transition for developers. For the past six years, Truffle Suite has delivered essential tools, including a development environment, a fork testing framework, and an asset pipeline designed for EVM chains. The project was acquired by ConsenSys in 2020. Truffle Suite says that its legacy will live on through other ConsenSys products.

zkSync Fellowship Program

Matter Labs announced the ZK Fellowship, a 4-6 month virtual fellowship program for users interested in advancing the protocol. Individuals and teams with technical backgrounds, including students, developers, researchers, and academics, are encouraged to apply. Application submissions are open until October 15th. The ZK Fellowship is a paid program that offers eligible participants with stipends of $3,500 per month access to senior Matter Labs team members, core developers, and potential post-fellowship opportunities. Development topics range from cross-L2 gas fee mechanisms to MEV and privacy primitives for rollups.

Caldera Ecosystem Integrations

RaaS provider Caldera formally introduced its ecosystem of 19 available integrations for building custom Arbitrum Orbit and OP Stack rollups. The list of integration partners includes Layer Zero for bridging, Espresso Systems for sequencing, Biconomy for account abstraction, and Celestia for data availability, among others. Caldera specializes in designing high-performance, application-specific L2 networks coined as Caldera Chains. The custom chains offer high throughput, low latency, and customization options. Caldera is also a no-code platform and features single-click deployments.

Rainbow Browser Extension Release

Rainbow released its browser extension wallet for all users. The wallet can now be installed on Chrome, Arc, Edge, and Brave browsers. The wallet’s unique feature is a Web3 search and command bar called the Magic Menu. The tool features keyboard shortcuts for switching wallets, swapping, and sending tokens.

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