Uniswap Adds 0.15% Interface Fee

As of Tuesday, October 17th, app.uniswap.org and the Uniswap Wallet mobile app will add a 0.15% interface fee on specific token swaps.

Uniswap Adds 0.15% Interface Fee

Quick Take

  • Uniswap adds a 0.15% interface fee.
  • Manta Pacific migrates to Polygon CDK.
  • EtherFi releases its decentralization roadmap.
  • Apply for Road to Devcon Grants.

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Uniswap Adds 0.15% Interface Fee

As of Tuesday, October 17th, app.uniswap.org and the Uniswap Wallet mobile app will add a 0.15% interface fee on specific tokens, including ETH, USDC, WETH, USDT, DAI, WBTC, agEUR, GUSD, LUSD, EUROC, and XSGD. The fee will not be applied to swaps between stablecoins or conversions between ETH and WETH. Users can avoid the interface fee by trading through aggregators, other UIs, or directly with the Uniswap smart contracts. Notably, the fee is imposed by Uniswap Labs and is not associated with the Uniswap Protocol itself. According to Uniswap creator Hayden Adams, the fee will help fund research and product development. A Uniswap Protocol fee switch, which would allocate fees to the DAO or token holders, is yet to receive approval from governance.

Manta Pacific Migrates To Polygon CDK

Manta Pacific, a modular Layer 2 chain developed by Manta Network, announced plans to integrate Polygon ZK-EVM into its infrastructure. Back in July, Manta Pacific integrated a customized version of the OP Stack through Caldera. Now, Manta Network is taking steps to transform itself into an L2 ZK-EVM Validium built on Polygon's Chain Development Kit (CDK). Manta Pacific's primary goal is to provide developers with a smooth solution for creating ZK applications using Solidity. Additionally, Manta Pacific plans to establish a trustless ZK bridge to Ethereum to enable atomic L2-to-L2 transactions. This integration with Polygon CDK offers fast finality powered by ZKPs. Currently, the L2 chain is in a Mainnet Alpha release phase.

Ether.Fi Decentralization Roadmap

Ether.fi, a non-custodial delegated and liquid staking protocol, released its decentralization roadmap, which outlines plans to become the easiest low-entry option for staking and node operation, enable full permissionless participation, implement decentralized governance, and ultimately achieve smart contract ossification. Completed milestones include delegated staking with self-custody, a solo node operator DVT integration, and open-source smart contracts. Future plans include launching its eETH LST, integrating native restaking via EigenLayer, open-source all software, enabling permissionless DVT participation, and DAO governance.

Road To Devcon Grants Initiative

Applications for the Road to Devcon Grants initiative close on October 31st. The initiative provides grants of up to $1,000 for regional community meetups and events leading up to Devcon, the world’s largest Ethereum developer conference. Devcon VII is set to take place next year in Southeast Asia.

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