VanEck Commits 10% ETF Profits To Protocol Guild

VanEck says it will donate 10% of EFUT ETF to Protocol Guild over the next ten years.

VanEck Commits 10% ETF Profits To Protocol Guild

Quick Take

  • VanEck commits a portion of ETF profits.
  • ChainSecurity releases its EIP-4788 audit.
  • Vote to transfer 16,000 ETH to the ENS endowment.
  • announces its 2nd writers' cohort.

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VanEck Commits ETF Profits To Protocol Guild

VanEck, a mutual fund manager, announced its commitment to donate 10% of its profits from the forthcoming EFUT ETF to Protocol Guild. This contribution is scheduled to continue on a regular basis for a minimum of the next decade. Protocol Guild is a collective comprised of over 150 core Ethereum contributors. Protocol Guild solves funding and coordination obstacles for core protocol development. VanEck is set to host a Twitter Space with Protocol Guild on October 4th. The VanEck Ethereum Strategy ETF, also known as EFUT, is an upcoming ETF centered on investing in cash-settled ETH futures contracts traded on CME.

ChainSecurity Releases EIP-4788 Audit

Smart contract auditing firm ChainSecurity released its audit findings for EIP-4788, a proposal aiming to expose beacon chain roots in the EVM for accessing consensus layer information. The audit revealed no critical severity issues, one high severity issue, and six low severity issues. The high severity issue pertained to incorrect data retrieval. The smart contract's get() function could be queried using the zero timestamp even without a set value. The flaw could mislead integrators into recognizing a Zero-Hash as a valid beacon root, posing a risk for potential exploits. The issue has been rectified by adding an exploit check to block queries with the Zero-Timestamp. Additional high-severity include gas optimizations related to the ring buffer size.

ENS Endowment Vote Goes Live

A vote to transfer 16,000 ETH from the ENS DAO treasury to an ENS Endowment overseen by Karpatkey is currently underway. The transfer represents the second installment of funds sent to the endowment. A first installment of 16,000 ETH was sent in February, which has managed to generate a 4.1% APY for the ENS DAO. The Endowment currently holds over $10 million invested in Lido’s stETH LST. ENS delegate and member of the staking community, Superphiz, voted against the proposal as a portion of the second installment will be converted into stETH as well. Superphiz highlighted that Karpatkey maintains a relationship with Lido, the largest staking provider with a 32% market dominance. The onchain vote will end on October 4th. 2nd Writers Cohort announced the second iteration of its Writers Cohort, a three-week online program designed to inspire community members to write about Ethereum. The initiative helps contributors enhance their writing and communication skills and in building an online presence. Participants will have access to live workshops, writing resources, and community members. Applications are now open with the program commencing on October 20th.

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