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Verkle Pushed To Osaka Hardfork

Osaka hardfork is the next upgrade after Prague.

Quick Take

  • Verkle pushed to Osaka hardfork.

  • Caldera deploys Milan rollup.

  • Layer 3 unveils V2 update.

  • GridPlus releases a firmware update.

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Verkle Pushed To Osaka Hardfork

Ethereum core developers have decided to push the introduction of Verkle trees until the Osaka hardfork, which is the next upgrade after Prague. The decision allows developers to implement Ethereum Object Format (EOF) EIPs in the Prague upgrade while continuing to work on Verkle in paralell. Developers previously estimated it would take 12-24 months to implement Verkle. Verkle trees are part of The Verge phase, designed to optimize data structures for smaller proofs. The update aims to enhance the viability of stateless clients by streamlining the block verification process. In next week’s core developers meeting, developers will determine the date for the Dencun upgrade on Ethereum mainnet.

Caldera Deploys Milan Rollup

Caldera, a Rollup-as-a-Service infrastructure provider, deployed Milan, a testnet rollup solution built on the Arbitrum Orbit stack, incorporating shared sequencing through an integration with the Espresso Sequencer. The sequencer enhances rollup transaction processing speed by ensuring fast finality. Users and developers can interact with Milan on testnet. The initial suite of tools includes a faucet for obtaining test tokens, a block explorer for monitoring transactions, and a bridge for asset transfers. Milan operates with the Sepolia testnet serving as its root chain.

Layer 3 Introduces V2 Update

Layer 3 launched its V2 update, introducing a new feature called CUBEs, short for Credential to Unify Blockchain Events. CUBEs are open-source ERC-721 tokens that are awarded to users for completing quests. Minting CUBEs allows users access to perks, including quests that reward tokens, boosts, and beta access protocol features. Boosts are integral to Layer 3's loyalty program, which can be redeemed for benefits through a Rewards Hub. The release also introduces an in-game currency for Layer 3 called Gems. Additionally, the latest update introduces a referral system, providing users the opportunity to earn ETH for successful referral signups.

Lattice1 Firmware Update

GridPlus, a manufacturer of hardware wallets, updated the firmware of its Lattice1 devices to introduce a feature that allows for encrypted storage of seed phrases on any SafeCard. The update aims to address loss of funds associated with traditional paper backups. Users have the option to store their seed phrases on multiple SafeCards, safeguarded by a PIN. SafeCards, resembling credit cards, are designed to hold HD wallets and can be accessed using a Lattice1 device.

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