Vitalik Discusses Enshrined Functionality

He advocates for a strategy that adopts minimally viable enshrinement.

Vitalik Discusses Enshrined Functionality

Quick Take

  • Vitalik Buterin discusses enshrined functionality.
  • ETH.LIMO DNS implementation for ENS.
  • Grayscale files a form for a spot Ethereum ETF.
  • Redacted Cartel launches pxETH.

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Vitalik On Challenges Of Enshrined Functionality

Vitalik Buterin published a new post, exploring the dichotomy between integrating features directly into the Ethereum protocol and constructing them through additional layers. He noted a shift in interest to incorporate more features into the core protocol to enhance gas efficiency, minimize bug risk, support diverse EVM opcodes, and improve censorship resistance. In the post, Buterin discusses the complexities and potential hurdles involved with integrating account abstraction at the protocol level. He delves into various proposals for account abstraction, including EIP-86, EIP-2938, and ERC-4337. Buterin states that there should be a balance between streamlining functionality and avoiding over-complexity in the protocol, advocating for a strategy that adopts minimally viable enshrinement.

DNS Implementation Of ENS For .eth TLD

ETH.LIMO announced limo-web3-dns, a specialized DNS implementation tailored for ENS. This project is geared towards the direct resolution of ENS records, focusing on public nameservers and the .eth TLD. It will allow the ENS community to host and manage their own DNS implementation of the ENS protocol. ETH.LIMO is in the process of developing the implementation. The implementation will feature native ENS resolution extensions to various networks, support for the resolution of all ENS record types, and a gateway optimized for seamless contenthash record resolution. ETH.LIMO says it will also be compatible with CCIP-Read.

Grayscale Files For Spot Ethereum ETF

Grayscale Investments announced the filing of Form 19b-4 by NYSE Arca with the SEC, a crucial step towards converting the Grayscale Ethereum Trust into a spot Ethereum ETF. This development comes after the SEC's approval of the first Ethereum futures ETFs. The Ethereum Trust, holding nearly $5 billion and accounting for 2.5% of all circulating Ether, is owned by over 250,000 U.S. investors. In alignment with its broader goals, Grayscale is working to transition its complete range of crypto investment products into ETFs. Grayscale holds over ver $30 billion in assets under management.

Redacted Cartel Launches pxETH On Goerli

Redacted Cartel launched pxETH on the Goerli testnet. pxETH is a liquid staking token that allows users to earn rewards from MEV in addition to staking rewards. Users have the option to deposit their pxETH into an auto-compounding rewards vault, where their rewards get converted back into pxETH. The release comes ahead of the forthcoming debut of Dinero, an overcollateralized stablecoin touted to be backed by Ethereum blockspace. The Dinero protocol will consist of its own RPC endpoint, the stablecoin, and the pxETH LST. Additionally, Redacted DAO is set to incentivize pxETH on various liquidity protocols.

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