Vitalik Discusses Enshrined ZK-EVMs

An enshrined ZK-EVM should prioritize speed, security, adaptability, and align with the multi-client philosophy.

Vitalik Discusses Enshrined ZK-EVMs

Quick Take

  • Vitalik discusses enshrined ZK-EVMs.
  • Fluent deploys its L2 on a private testnet.
  • Worldcoin introduces World ID 2.0.
  • Starknet v0.13.0 goes live on testnet.

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Vitalik Discusses Enshrined ZK-EVMs

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin outlined potential designs for integrating a native ZK-EVM into Ethereum Mainnet. He notes that ZK-EVMs in current rollups are redundant regarding some L1 EVM functionalities, such as verifications and upgrades. Since the adoption of ZK-SNARKs for L1 EVM execution verification is inevitable, Buterin suggests making it natively available for rollups. Essential criteria for an enshrined ZK-EVM include the capability to verify Ethereum blocks, compatibility with multiple clients, data availability, external proofs outside of the EVM, and upgradeability. Buterin emphasizes that an enshrined ZK-EVM should prioritize speed, security, adaptability, and align with the multi-client philosophy. He also says that L2 rollups will retain a role in offering fast pre-confirmations, MEV mitigation, extensions to the EVM, and an overall improved user experience.

Fluent Deploys On Private Testnet

Fluent, a general-purpose zkWASM execution layer, is now live on a private testnet. The release allows early developers to deploy Wasm-based smart contracts using a compatible go-Ethereum execution environment. The L2 rollup seeks to allow developers to build apps on Ethereum written in Rust, TypeScript, and Go. Fluent consists of a ZK Rollup for scalability, a WebAssembly VM for multiple language support, and EVM tooling for compatibility with existing infrastructure. Fluent is currently working on running stress tests and allowing early launch partners to build on the network. Builders are encouraged to apply for early access.

Worldcoin Introduces World ID 2.0

Worldcoin launched World ID 2.0, an upgrade to its digital identity platform. The release brings several new features, including World ID Apps, World ID Levels, an improved developer kit, and broader OAuth support. Enhanced security measures now allow users to reset their ID. Data Custody on the app is also being phased out. World ID serves as a digital passport, verifiable through the World App wallet. According to Worldcoin, more than 2.6 million users have already registered a World ID. Last summer, the World ID platform migrated from Polygon to OP Mainnet.

Starknet v0.13.0 Goes Live On Testnet

Starknet v0.13.0, an upgrade that introduces V3 transactions and reduces gas fees, is now live on testnet. The V3 transaction type allows Starknet's native STRK token to be used as a gas token on the network. Ether will still be supported for gas fees. The impementation features oracle services, a fee market, a paymaster, and support for volition mode. The upgrade will need to undergo Starknet governance approval before a mainnet release.

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