Voting Opens For Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives

The program allocates 50 million ARB tokens from the DAO treasury to Arbitrum projects for short-term incentives.

Voting Opens For Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives

Quick Take

  • Voting opens for Arbitrum short-term incentives.
  • Galxe suffers a DNS compromise.
  • Interface integrates Zora media experiences.
  • releases its Q4 roadmap.

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Voting Opens For Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives

Voting for the Short-Term Incentives Program (STIP) is now open on Snapshot, targeting the allocation of 50 million ARB tokens from the DAO treasury to Arbitrum projects. The program aims to amplify network growth and experiment with incentive strategies that can shape future incentive and grant programs. Arbitrum delegates with voting power can now cast votes on which projects should receive short-term incentives. To pass, projects need to achieve a 71.51M ARB Quorum and garner over 50% of votes in favor of their proposal. Allocation of ARB will prioritize projects with the highest votes until the designated funds are exhausted. GMX, standing as the largest protocol on Arbitrum by TVL, is asking for 12 million ARB tokens. The initial voting round will remain open for a week, ending on October 12th.

Galxe Suffers DNS Compromise

Web3 credentials platform Galxe experienced a DNS compromise, during which an attacker gained control of the project’s domain registrar account with Dynadot. Users visiting were misled into approving malicious transactions that drained their wallets. Galxe has since managed to recover control over its domain. Users who approved transactions on between 6-9 AM PST on October 6th may have been impacted and are encouraged to revoke approvals. Users are advised to avoid connecting their wallets to Galxe until the accurate DNS records have been globally propagated. The attack resulted in a loss of about $200k worth of assets.

Interface Integrates Zora Media Experiences

Interface, a social dapp for monitoring onchain actions, introduced Zora-tailored media experiences. The integration displays onchain comments, showcases personalized themes, and provides provenance information. Users can now explore Zora NFTs on Ethereum, Base, OP Mainnet, and Zora Network. Users can also filter their discover page by media formats, including images, videos, audio, and documents. The Interface dapp allows users to follow wallets and discover onchain events. Wallets that meet specified onboarding criteria can access the app on iOS and Android. Interface also displays Mirror articles, token balances, and NFTs. Q4 Roadmap unveiled its Q4 product roadmap, which includes community engagement efforts, content updates, and technical website upgrades. Website initiatives include a navigation menu overhaul, mobile UI/UX enhancements, finalizing a migration to NextJS, and refactoring quiz hub code. The team will add an education page about seed phrases and Dencun content updates. will also run the second iteration of the Writing Cohort and prepare for Devconnect.

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