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Welcome to your daily briefing covering the latest in Ethereum. If you’re already deep into Ethereum, then you know there so much happening that you can’t even imagine how to catch up! There’s a magnitude of events, products, airdrops, and updates that you’re missing out on daily.

Our mission is to provide a daily briefing on the latest in Ethereum. We do this by gathering news and publishing a short to-the-point briefing - no opinions, no commentary. No matter how you choose to catch up, we have a daily newsletter and podcast to keep you briefed.

We have you covered on the latest in Ethereum, Proof-of-Stake, DAO’s, decentralized governance, layer 2 scaling, Web3, decentralized finance, and much more! Our podcast is also available anywhere you listen to podcasts, but we prefer listening on CastBox. Thank you for checking out the podcast. We hope to see you in the chat on Twitter.

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