ZKP2P Venmo-To-Crypto Onramp

The release allows users to convert fiat in their Venmo account into USDC on Base Mainnet.

ZKP2P Venmo-To-Crypto Onramp

Quick Take

  • ZKP2P launches an alpha release.
  • Infura announces DIN partners.
  • Mode deploys its developer mainnet.
  • Clave launches on zkSync Era.

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ZKP2P Venmo-To-Crypto Onramp

ZKP2P launched an alpha release of its ZK-powered crypto-to-fiat converter. The release allows users to convert fiat in their Venmo account into USDC on Base Mainnet on an Ethereum Wallet. A one-time registration process is required to tie a Venmo ID to a wallet. The application doesn’t require KYC or fund-holding times. The mechanism uses the proof of payment e-mail to unlock funds onchain by feeding it into a ZK circuit and generating a proof that extracts the Venmo ID, payment amount, and timestamp. The ID is hashed to conceal a user’s ID onchain. ZKP2P plans to add more payment service options in a future release.

Infura Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN)

Infura unveiled its partners for the Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN), a decentralized RPC-as-a-service solution. The DIN aims to make access to web3 data more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. The partners encompass web2 and web3 operators, including Microsoft, Bloq, Chainstack, and Everstake. Infuras also established three working groups focused on internode consistency, usage forecasting, and acceptance criteria. The partners are working to build an initial permissioned version of DIN with plans to progressively decentralize the network. Infura will release a roadmap in the coming months.

Mode Dev Mainnet Goes Live

Mode, an Ethereum Layer-2 network built on the OP Stack, launched its developer mainnet. The release allows developers to deploy infrastructure and applications ahead of the public mainnet, which is set to launch in early December. A Sequencer Fee Sharing Module will also go live by November 22nd. Once live, developers will be able to register their contracts for sequencer fee sharing. The mainnet launch will include onchain referral products and growth tools designed to aid developers in rolling out their applications. Mode also committed a portion of its sequencer-generated revenue towards funding public goods.

Clave Launches On zkSync Era

Clave, a smart wallet provider, launched its wallet on zkSync Era. Making its first appearance at Devconnect, Clave features wallet onboarding with biometrics and a nickname. The wallet is equipped with native account abstraction features such as paymasters, sponsored transactions, and social recovery options. Clave plans to build additional security and usability features such as session keys, trusted accounts, and custom daily spending limits.


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