zkWasm L2 Prover On Polygon CDK

With zkWasm, developers will have multiple prover options for their chain deployments using the Polygon CDK.

zkWasm L2 Prover On Polygon CDK

Quick Take

  • Polygon Labs announces the development of zkWasm.
  • Optimism launches an art contest.
  • Caldera supports custom gas tokens.
  • Stackr Labs raises a $5.5 million seed round.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism Launches An Art Contest
Optimism launched the We ❤️ The Art competition, offering 1 million OP in prizes to onchain creators. Users can participate by minting their creations into NFTs on OP Mainnet through any of the nine partner minting platforms. Users must then submit their entries on welovetheart.optimism.io before December 13th. A panel of 40 judges will rate the artworks and select 184 winners across four categories: AI art, generative art, 1of1s, and music. The prizes are structured in tiers, with the highest award being 50,000 OP for the winner in each category. Partner platforms for minting include Manifold, Sound.xyz, OpenSea, Zora, Decent, and Mint.fun.

zkWasm L2 Prover On Polygon CDK

Polygon Labs announced that it is developing zkWasm, a zero-knowledge prover aiming to enhance connectivity between Wasm-based blockchains and Ethereum, as well as the Polygon CDK ecosystem. This project is a collaborative effort with the NEAR Foundation, which has become a contributor to the Polygon CDK Wasm-based blockchains use Wasm for smart contract execution, enabling a developer-friendly approach by allowing applications to be built using a border range of programming languages. With zkWasm, developers will have multiple prover options for their chain deployments using the Polygon CDK.

Caldera Supports Custom Gas Tokens

Caldera, a rollup-as-a-service provider, now supports the use of any ERC-20 token as a gas token for Arbitrum Orbit and OP Stack rollup deployments. The move diverges from the standard practice of utilizing ETH for transaction fees on Ethereum-based rollups. The feature allows users to transact without needing the native asset of a chain for fees. Lootchain is among the first rollups on Caldera to implement the feature on mainnet by adopting its $AGLD token as its native gas token.

Stackr Labs Raises $5.5 Million Seed

Stackr Labs, a modular tooling provider for rollups, raised a $5.5 million seed round led by Archetype. Stackr simplifies the building of micro-rollups using general-purpose programming languages. Developers can use Stackr tooling to build app-specific rollups with a customized execution environment. Stackr plans to use the raised funds to expand its team, finalize preparations for the launch of its platform, and grow its developer ecosystem

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