Centrifuge Introduces EIP-7540

An extension of ERC-4626 designed to facilitate asynchronous deposits and redemptions.

Centrifuge Introduces EIP-7540

Quick Take

  • Centrifuge introduces EIP-7540.
  • CoW Swap supports gasless token approvals.
  • EtherFi launches its LST on testnet.
  • The claim period ends for Celestiaโ€™s TIA.

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Centrifuge Introduces EIP-7540

Onchain credit protocol Centrifuge introduced EIP-7540, an extension of ERC-4626, designed to facilitate asynchronous deposits and redemptions, referred to as request claims. EIP-7540 maintains compatibility with ERC-4626, with primary changes made to the deposit, mint, redeem, and withdraw methods. This standard is intended to broaden the utility of 4626 Vaults to accommodate use cases involving asynchronous actions, including real-world asset protocols, undercollateralized lending, and liquid staking tokens. ERC-4626, in its original form, is optimized for seamless atomic deposits and redemptions, serving as a token standard for creating tokenized vaults.

CoW Swap Gasless Token Approvals

CoW Swap, a DEX Aggregator, introduced support for gasless token approvals, enabling users to trade gas-free with over 150 EIP-2612-integrated tokens. While CoW Swap offers gasless trading, users previously had to carry out token approvals. The new integration simplifies the process by allowing users to execute token approvals through a gasless message. Gasless approvals allow users to execute trades without the need for an ETH balance. The approval transactions are bundled with the order, with users paying fees in the sell token. The implementation is based on ERC-2612, a Permit Extension standard designed for EIP-20 Signed Approvals. It generates a signature that facilitates direct approval calls on behalf of the user.

EtherFi Launches eETH On Testnet

EtherFi, a liquid staking protocol, launched its native LST token, known as eETH, on the Goerli testnet. The token, eETH is natively restaked on EigenLayer, offering boosted yields for liquid stakers once Active Validated Services become operational. The rebasing LST, eETH, is slated for a mainnet launch on November 6th. Testnet users can earn loyalty points by minting eETH and have the opportunity to join the whitelist for the upcoming mainnet release. Early mainnet stakers will also earn loyalty points. EtherFi plans to integrate eETH into Balancer, Aura Finance, Gravita Protocol, Mav Protocol, and Pendle Finance.

Celestia TIA Claims Concludes

191,391 addresses have successfully claimed their Celestia TIA token airdrop before the claim period concluded earlier today. For those who missed out on claiming, their tokens will be redistributed among those who did, potentially tripling the allocation for certain users. To verify final token balances, users can visit genesis.celestia.org. The 60 million TIA token airdrop, equivalent to about 7% of the total 1 billion token supply, will be automatically available in users' Celestia wallets once the network deploys to mainnet. No further action is required from users. The network is expected to launch to mainnet sometime in November.

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