Coinbase Verifications Powered By EAS

Coinbase users can sign a message that attests to ownership of a verified Coinbase account and their country of residence.

Coinbase Verifications Powered By EAS

Quick Take

  • Coinbase EAS attestations.
  • Circle USDC V2.2 upgrade.
  • CoW Protocol Programmatic Orders.
  • Additional testnet shadow forks for Dencun.

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Ethereum is up 11% over the last 24 hours, trading at $2,106 at time of writing.

Coinbase Verifications Powered By EAS

Coinbase introduced Coinbase Verifications, a feature that leverages the Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) to enable Coinbase users to issue attestations. By linking their Ethereum wallet with Coinbase, users can sign a gasless message that attests to ownership of a verified Coinbase account and their country of residence. Coinbase published verified account and country of residence schemas accessible on the Base Goerli testnet and on Base Mainnet. Coinbase has set up contracts for managing the storage and indexing of attestations. Coinbase verified attestations can be integrated into various dapps to provide sybil-resistance.

Circle Announces USDC V2.2 Upgrade

Circle announced the v2.2 upgrade for its USDC and EURC stablecoins, aiming to cut gas costs by 3-7% and enhance account abstraction capabilities. Additionally, the update will rebrand the EUROC token to EURC. The upgrade also introduces support for EIP-1271, a standard that allows smart contracts to verify signatures. It allows developers to build products that leverage account abstraction, such as allowing USDC and EURC to be used for gas fee payments. The upgrade ensures full backward compatibility. The upgrade will be deployed across six EVM-compatible blockchains in the coming months. No action is required from developers or users.

CoW Protocol Introduces Programmatic Orders

CoW Protocol introduced Programmatic Orders and the Programmatic Order Framework, a new DeFi primitive that enables the creation of orders that automatically execute when preset onchain parameters are met. Programmatic Orders can facilitate perpetual, automated orders with a one-time signature. Changes can be made with subsequent signature approval. The framework allows developers to craft complex orders or automate DAO operations with a single onchain transaction. A "WatchTower" relayer component ensures that orders execute when their conditions are met. CoW Protocol is seeking grants requests for applications that leverage the Programmatic Order Framework.

Additional Testnet Shadow Forks For Dencun

Ethereum core developers agreed to launch two additional Goerli shadow forks before initiating shadow forks of Ethereum Mainnet. Shadow forks are copies of the existing chain state used for conducting tests prior to implementing updates on the live testnet or mainnet. Earlier this week, developers successfully activated the Dencun upgrade on a shadow fork of Goerli. Upcoming forks will incorporate specifications from the most recent updates, including networking rework on the consensus layer. Developers also agreed to continue hosting ACD calls during Devconnect and on Thanksgiving Day.

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